The Australian Brumby Challenge

The only event of its kind in Australia and now partnered with EQUITANA Melbourne 2016 to bring a bigger and better event!

The Australian Brumby Challenge takes totally wild Brumbies, passively trapped as part of an ongoing management program, from the High Country of Victoria and Southern New South Wales. These tough survivors are partnered with professional and non professional horse trainers for 150 days. In the Ridden Challenge, Brumbies aged four and older are saddle trained. In the Youngster Challenge, yearling aged Brumbies are trained and presented in hand only, not to be started under saddle or sat on.

The finale of the Australian Brumby Challenge will be held at EQUITANA Melbourne 2016. Over the four days of the event, you can come along, meet the Brumbies and their trainers and watch as the Brumbies are taken through their paces in several classes which are designed to showcase their trainers ability and the trainability and versatility of our Aussie Brumbies. Of special interest is the Freestyle class, held to music, where the trainer has free choice of how to present the Brumby they have trained – Western to English, Knights in Armour to Rockstars, this is a really fun class where you can see each Brumbies special talents!

Our Champions for 2016 will be announced after the Freestyle class and all Brumbies will then be auctioned to approved and registered bidders on the final day of Equitana – this is your chance to learn about and maybe even take home a special part of our Australian Heritage!