Extreme Cowboy Challenge

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The Extreme Cowboy Challenge is being run in conjunction with the Australian Extreme Cowgirls Association. This exciting new competition will be judged by renowned World Reserve Champion Extreme Cowboy winner Johnie Clem from the USA

Eight riders will to be invited to compete in the Extreme Cowboy Challenge in two separate divisions, Pro and Non Pro. There will be 13 obstacles in each race with the Pro division obstacles having a 1-6 rating and the Non Pro division having a 1-5 rating

This is an exciting and fun event where the crowd are welcome to make noise and cheer on the riders!

Extreme Cowboy Challenge

Grand Pavilion
Saturday 19th November 4.00pm - 5.30pm

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Australian Extreme Cowgirls Associations

Bianca Gillanders
0438 389 569

Craig Cameron, a member of the Texas Cowboy hall of Fame, a true Cowboy and one of the finest horseman in the United States, was the creator of the Extreme Cowboy Association in the USA, the original and only recognized association for the sport of Extreme Cowboy racing.

One of the fastest growing equine sports in the world today, Extreme Cowboy Racing is taking off in Australia.

Designed to put horsemanship skills to the test, Extreme Cowboy Racing involves an obstacle course not unlike a trail class but far more intense! Riders need to have a trusting relationship with their horse as they manoeuvre through each obstacle and do so with smoothness and style. Combinations have to be prepared for a variety of challenges from dragging a tarp to crossing a narrow bridge or going through the cowboy curtain. Points are scored not only for riding through each obstacle successfully but also for the way it is done, the calmer the horse and the looser the rein the better! Each race is made up of different obstacles and they are not ridden in the same order. A score is given for each obstacle on the course.

Each obstacle consists of three components:
- The approach to the obstacle
- The obstacle itself
- The departure from the obstacle

The race also includes the free ride element which is an exciting part of every Extreme Cowboy Race where the rider has the opportunity to clearly show speed with control. A score is also given for overall horsemanship.

In Australia there are a number of clubs affiliated with EXCA which can run sanctioned Extreme Cowboy Race or Challenge Events.