Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson lives in Orchard Hills, NSW with his partner Alexandra and operates a Breaking in and Spelling farm in Sydney’s West. He was born in Newmarket, England and grew up in the heart of the racing industry. His father, Philip Robinson, was champion jockey in Hong Kong for several years and Daniel was eager to follow in his footsteps.

He began riding racehorses at a young age and quickly became a jockey himself, both on the flat and over jumps. However, it wasn't long before Daniel could no longer maintain the weight requirements and so, he began starting young thoroughbreds. He moved to Australia in 2009 to further his horsemanship skills, wanting to know more than just the traditional english methods, keen to observe and challenge his ability with horses. He worked for some of Australia’s largest thoroughbred breeding organisations, such as Patinack Farm, who started over 100 yearlings per season. All the while, he continually watched the works of clinicians such as Chris Cox and Clinton Anderson whom have been great influences to him today.

In 2009, he travelled to Murgon, QLD to work with one of Australia’s finest horseman, Ian Francis. During his time with Ian, Daniel learned how to refine his horsemanship skills, and learnt a great deal in the foundations of educating horses. Since starting his own business training and educating horses, Daniel's main focus has been to offer the highest level of education to all horses, particularly in the racing industry. Working with young thoroughbreds mostly, he ensures they have the knowledge for life after racing and the best chance of achieving in their careers. He addresses common problems associated with race horses such as misbehaviour and refusal to enter starting gates, all of which result from a lack of education.

When Daniel isn’t working with breakers, he trains his 7 year old stock horse, Otis. Untouched until started by Daniel one year ago, Otis is now Daniel's demonstration horse. At the moment, much of Daniel’s time is spent educating horses for Clients, and providing follow up clinics for further training. In the years to come Daniel hopes to focus more attention on competing in reigning and teaching other horsemanship enthusiasts his effective training methods.

Visit www.dprbreaking.com for more information

Mitchell Gollan

Mitch was born and raised on the cattle and sugar cane property in northern NSW where he began riding horses at a very early age. It was the rodeo and bull riding industry however that consumed his early childhood and into adolescents where he qualified and finaled in the National Bull Riding Championships.

He then ventured to QLD to work as a Jackaroo on a large remote cattle property. This is where Mitch first got the passion for starting and educating horses. Inspired and motivated by natural horsemanship skills taught whilst working for Stanbroke Pastoral Company his skills and experience progressed in the equine industry, from handling to starting horses including broodmares/foals, yearlings, stallions and colts. Mitch met his wife Leiza in 2005, soon after meeting they established their business ‘Mitch Gollan Horsemanship’.
The driving force behind his passion is the challenge to connect with a horse through feel, timing and balance. His training methods allow the horse to learn with confidence and trust. This has been proven time and time again by the successful breaking & training methods applied, which aren’t about breaking their soul/spirit, it’s about creating a connection and having a horse willing to work with you.
Mitch’s journey so far has allowed him to gain hands on experience whilst developing the training methods which he incorporates today.

This experience includes but is not limited to the following:

  • A strong family unit that have spent years traveling around Australia, mostly VIC, QLD, NT and SA Pastoral Stations starting their mustering plant horses and conducting clinics and lessons in all levels of Horsemanship and liberty training.
  • Mitch has handled and started over 1100 horses including station bred stock horses, brumbies, mquarter horses, warmbloods, thoroughbred race horses in Australian and Malaysia
  • A wealth of competition experience including winning Cloncurry Show Stockmans Challenge, Runner up in the National Invitational RM Williams Company Challenge & Campdraft, Place getter and Finalist in Horse of the North, Monto and Thargomindah Stockmans Challenge Champion Stanbroke Super Colt Two years running, Runner-up in the NAB Mitavite TOP END PURSE QLD
  • Travels annually to Northern France, Northern Germany and Netherlands conducting horsemanship clinics for their polo cross teams

Currently residing in Nagambie Victoria with his wife and young family, Mitch is working on a variety of horses from , re-education of horses, regular horsemanship and colt starting clinics and lessons across Australia, sales preparation (racing industry), further education for horses destined for Polocrosse, commencing campaigning horses for working stock horse classes and campdrafts.
Mitch has a strong desire to educate and support both the horse and rider on their journey to achieving their goals in education and achievements, regardless their age, level or chosen discipline,

‘Doing it right from the start’ ‘Frustration sets in when knowledge runs out’ ‘A horse only knows what you teach it’ ‘You should never stop learning’ ‘Advanced horsemanship is only basic done fast’

Visit www.mitchgollanhorsemanship.com.au for more information.

The Way of the Horse Challenge

Damian Hall

Damian was raised in north western NSW. Very early in his life he was exposed to horses, as they were used extensively in stock work on the family property. Damian’s childhood involved weekends spent attending horse sports and campdrafts. He enjoyed Campdrafting, and found it a natural progression from the stock work at home to the competition ring. He soon had accumulated enough points to compete at both State and national levels as a juvenile.

In his late teens Damian was introduced to polocrosse. One of the key driving influences of the sport was the horses and how they needed to be agile, versatile and remain “cool headed”. This was the stage in his life where he started to “break” horses in. He was getting good results but soon identified that there were holes in his system. He got much better results when he started taking a softer and considered approach with the horses, the time to start greatly shortened and the clients were getting a much softer, and willing horse at the end of the “starting” process – there was something in it.

Damian started to research the concept of “natural horsemanship” - A whole new world was out there. He embraced the concepts as they fitted with his approach and ethos. Whilst he wanted competitive horses, he believed that a competitive horse could still be a willing and giving partner. He soon proved this theory. He looked into the teachings of Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Parelli. Locally he was introduced to Ken Faulkner. He developed a relationship with Ken that remains today. He is engaged by Ken (along with his own horsemanship and colt starting) as a colt starter under the Australian Natural Horsemanship banner.

In 2005 Damian was selected to represent Australia in the “Australian Polocrosse Presidents 8” to tour Canada for the “Stampede Challenge” and USA. His horsemanship skills held him in good stead for such a challenge. All of the mounts supplied for the tour were local horses sourced from ranches in the region; time was limited to have the horses ready for the first tournament. Damian was tasked with initially riding the mounts – assessing their strengths/abilities and then assisting the coach with the allocation to other team members. Their team was very successful, his mount (“Loony Tunes”) and Damian were awarded “Champion Horse and Rider” combinations in both countries.

Damians’ interest in horsemanship has maintained his drive to seek further knowledge and information. He has had the opportunity to attend clinics with both local and international clinicians and through this exposure he has developed his own style/system. Damian finds working with young horses an empowering experience. As a Coach/clinician he passes on the tools to promote safe, humane and un-confrontational horsemanship. As a colt starter he endeavours to give the horse the confidence through handling to ensure a safe and un-confrontational start to its riding career – creating a willing partner.

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The Horses


Roseridge Stud are the official supplier of horses for The Way Of The Horse 2016

Roseridge Stock Horse Stud are the official supplier of horses for The Way Of The Horse 2016 for the second time.

This Stud prides itself with breeding elite Australian Stock Horses with superb temperaments, agility, strength and speed. Although these traits make excellent mounts for most equestrian disciplines, they are ideally suited for Polocrosse, Campdrafting, Polo, pleasure riding and Endurance.

Noel and Marilyn Semmens; proprietors of the stud, have a wealth of experience not only in breeding but also in competing. Thus they know the characteristics that make the ideal horse for any specific purpose. These are the qualities they aim to breed into their progeny, using their own mares and stallions. Please look at the attached photos and visit their website www.roseridge.com.au to see the quality and type of horses they have available for sale.

Roseridge Stockhorse Stud are delighted to be involved with this year’s EQUITANA and are proud of the quality of horses they are providing for this year’s ‘The Way of the Horse’ competition.

The Challenge

Hawkesbury River Saddle Company



Hawkesbury River Saddle Co presents The Way Of The Horse (TWOTH), EQUITANA Melbourne's prestigious Australian Horsemanship Challenge which is a young horse “starting” contest that is unique in this country. During the challenge, three of Australia’s leading horse trainers demonstrate their highly personal and specialised methods of connecting with an unbroken horse.

In this electrifying horsemanship contest, the action begins right from the start. After choosing their young, unstarted horse from a selection trucked directly from the paddock to the venue, the three trainers work simultaneously in separate round pens, giving the public a unique opportunity to compare starting methods and training styles. Contestants are judged by a respected panel of Equestrians, who award individual points for techniques used to determine the winner.

TWOTH was initiated in 2005 by EQUITANA Australia, as a way to showcase a kinder and more caring way to start a young horse, so that it becomes a willing and happy riding partner. The trainers chosen for challenge have the same ethos.

Following Hawkesbury River Saddle Co's successful involvement with TWOTH in 2011 and 2012, EQUITANA are excited to have the Hawkesbury River Saddle Co as presenting partner for the 2016 challenge. The winner of this prestigious competition at EQUITANA 2016 will be presented with an Hawkesbury River Saddle Co Outlaw Master saddle.



  • 2014 Champion - Bruce O'Dell (Contestants: Bianca Gillanders, Kane Lamperd)
  • 2012 Champion – Ken Faulkner (Contestants: Paul Clarkson, Naish Hogan)
  • 2011 Champion - Greg Powell (Contestants: Dan Maloney, David Manchon)
  • 2010 Champion - Adam Sutton (Contestants: Steve Halfpenny, Chad Brady)
  • 2008 Champion - Dan James (Contestants: Warwick McLean, Shane Ransley)
  • 2005 Champion - Guy McLean (Contestants: David Simons, Janette Wilson)

This prestigious competition is a real hit with overseas audiences and has received rave reviews from Horse and Country TV (UK) viewers. Horse fans in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Malta loved the 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2014 TWOTH programs.