EQUITANA Australian Open - Cutting Championships

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As part of the EQUITANA Australian Open Cutting is back once again with support from the NCHA!

The EQUITANA Australian Open-Cutting Championships will showcase 20 of the best cutting riders and their horses that Australia has to offer. Riders will be invited to compete at this event which will comprise of two divisions - Open and Non Pro. Ten riders will be selected by the NCHA for each class. Come and watch how clever horses really are. This is a not to be missed event.

Riders will be competing for a total of $40,000 prize money.

EQUITANA Australian Open - Cutting Championships

Grand Pavilion
Sunday 20th 9.30am - 12.15pm

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About Cutting

In cutting horse competitions, horse and rider have two and a half minutes to demonstrate their ability to cut cattle and prevent them from returning to the herd. Contestants usually separate two or three individual cows before time expires. The clock starts when the horse crosses an imaginary line approximately fifty feet in front of the herd.

The horse and rider quietly walk into the herd, the rider begins the process of selecting one cow to “cut” from the rest of the group. The rider carefully selects a cow and drives it forward from the herd.

When the separation has been made, the rider must loosen or “drop” the reins and allow the horse to work independent of any guidance from the rider. The horse takes control of the contest and with lightning fast starts and turns, prevents the cow from returning to the herd.

When the cow turns away or discontinues its effort to return to the herd, the rider may lift the reins, signalling the horse to “quit the cow”. The cow is allowed to return to the herd and the process of selecting a new cow begins.

The event is scored from a range of 60 to 80 points. Every horse enters the herd on 70 points and qualified judges then add or take away from the run to determine the score.