EQUITANA Trans-Tasman Volunteer Exchange Program

As a recognition award for effort and commitment for a volunteer who has actively participated in 3 or more EQUITANA Volunteer Programs, Equine Productions is offering one return airfare (Between Auckland and closest Australian Capital City) and accommodation for 6 nights, for an Australian Team EQUITANA Volunteer to participate in the EQUITANA Auckland Volunteer Program in 2017.
Trans Tasman Volunteer Exchange

All applicants must meet the criteria for the application process, outlined below.

Thanks for your interest. Applications for the Trans-Tasman Exchange program close at 5pm Monday November 7th.

For more information on EQUITANA Auckland visit www.equitanaakl.co.nz or follow the EQUITANA Auckland Facebook page.

The successful recipient of the exchange must participate in the Volunteer program at EQUITANA Auckland, November 23-26 2017 at ASB Showgrounds.

The recipient of the exchange program will be selected using the following criteria:

  1. Be a minimum of 21 years of age (at time of commencement of travel for EQUITANA Auckland)
  2. Have participated in the EQUITANA Australia Volunteer Program for a minimum of 3 events
  3. Be an Australian Resident (a New Zealand Resident will be selected for exchange for 2018 event)
  4. Be available for travel during the nominated dates - departing Australia on Tuesday 21st November returning on Monday 27th November 2017
  5. Be prepared to participate in the Auckland EQUITANA Volunteer Program and meet its criteria of participation
  6. Have a current passport with 6 month validity from date of departure
  7. Submit an application form with all supporting information by 5pm Monday 31st October 2016 Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

The Recipient of the Exchange will receive:

  1. Return economy flights from your nearest Australian Capital city to Auckland NZ
  2. 6 nights Accommodation within easy travelling distance to EQUITANA Auckland venue
  3. A NZ$200 travel allowance to be used at the recipient’s discretion
  4. Equal benefits of the EQUITANA Auckland Volunteer Program (including uniform etc)

The Recipient may be required for the following:

  1. Pre-arranged Media promotions pre, during and post events
  2. Daily event ‘journal’ or blog
  3. Image may be used by Equine Productions for promotional purposes

Recognition of a New Zealand Volunteer from the Auckland EQUITANA Program will be selected to participate in a reciprocal agreement in EQUITANA Melbourne 2018.