Breed Village Exhibitor Portal

This information is for Exhibitors on display at the Kelato Breed Village.

Pre-Event Information

Please read the below important information before you arrive at the event.

Pre-Event Information

Event Manual

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Breed Village Map

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All Breed Village Exhibitors will be required to complete a Horse Health Declaration form and Horse Entry Terms and Conditions. These can be downloaded below.

Horse Health Declaration
Horse Entry Terms and Conditions

Group Display Information

Dressage Types: Horses that are utilized in any dressage competition at any level from Pony Club through to Grand Prix. These breeds normally rely on their gait, elevation and movement to showcase the different elements required for dressage competition.

Show Horse Types: Horses that excel in any breed specific or size allocated show horse competitions. These horse breeds normally possess excellence in their confirmation and movement in order to be eye catching and elegant in the show ring.

Harness Types: The breeds that have historically been utilized for drawing carriages or field equipment, or have been adapted in recent years to the newer forms of harness competitions. Normally strong and sure footed, these breeds excel in working in teams or individually at the response of a remote driver.

Western Performance: Horses that are often used in the Western sports developed from the requirements of working cattle horses. These breeds are often smaller, quick on their feet and used to working both independently and in partnership with their riders often in response to alternate animal movement.

Other Sports: The myriad of sports within the equine world that do not fall under the banner of the other groups often possess breeds of various shapes and sizes. These breeds often have wide crossover uses.

Gaited Horses: This breed group is for the breeds that have a specific and unique natural gait that the majority of the breeds do not possess. These gaits are natural but usually further trained to provide the rider or driver with specific results for required usage.

Jumping & Eventing/Hunter Types: Breeds that possess a natural ability and eager lean towards jumping, speed and agility. Riding Ponies & Miniatures Breeds that have been developed over time to possess confirmation and breed traits of some of the larger breeds of horses whilst maintaining small stature.

Native Breeds: Some nations have traditionally possessed specific breeds whose traits have been developed for the conditions or work that the home nation requires. These breeds mostly have stud books held by the national breed body to which each horse bred must be measured and catalogued.

Racing & Navigational Riding: Horse breeds historically bred to bring out traits of stamina and speed. The number of breeds included in this group have continued to increase due to the continual development of new sports.