Chris Burton & Andrew Hoy Announced On WEG Eventing Team

EQUITANA is so proud that two of our feature presenters at this year’s event have been announced in the Australian World Equestrian Games Eventing Team.

The World Equestrian Games, held every four years, will be help in Tryon USA this September, with the Eventing Team the last to be announced by Equestrian Australia...

Congratulations to the entire team selected:

  • Chris Burton and Cooley Lands – owner Kate Walls
  • Sam Griffiths and Paulank Brockagh – owners Steve & Dinah Posford, Jules Carter and Sam Griffiths
  • Andrew Hoy and Vassily de Lassos – owners Paula & David Evans and Andrew Hoy
  • Bill Levett and Lassban Diamond Lift – owner Elisabeth Murdoch
  • Shane Rose and Virgil – owners Shane Rose and Michelle Hasibar

The three unranked reserves are as follows:

  • Emma McNab and Fernhill Tabasco – owners Kevin McNab, Dom & Poppy Worcester and Julia & Jamie Dougall
  • Robert Palm and Koko Story – owner Cassie Lowe
  • Amanda Ross and Koko Popping Candy - owners Christine & Fraser Brown

Chris Burton is our Eventing Star Presenter for 2018 and comes of an incredible run of wins this year to secure his place on the team. Knows as the ‘rocket man’, Chris is currently the fastest cross-country rider in the world, being the only rider to ever achieve ten clear and under time 3* cross country rounds on nine different horses.

Chris will be delivering a highly anticipated Eventing Masterclass on Saturday 17 November.

Andrew Hoy, now based in the UK, last attended EQUITANA in 2003 and will be delivering an exclusive Masterclass on behalf of Off The Track on Friday 16 November.

The seven-time Olympian and triple eventing gold-medallist is set to return to Australia as a guest of Off The Track to celebrate the 20th anniversary of EQUITANA Melbourne.

The team of five riders selected for the World Equestrian Games have vast Championship experience amongst them, with all athletes having previously competed in at least one, or in some cases several, World Equestrian or Olympic Games.

Please join us the wish them all the best of luck! Aussie, aussie, aussie!