IRT All-Star The Way Of The Horse Trainer

Bruce O`Dell

Bruce O`Dell

Champion: EQUITANA Melbourne 2014

Bruce O'Dell, 2014 The Way Of The Horse Winner and Master Farrier by trade, has been breaking in thoroughbred, warmblood and performance horses for over 20 years. Originating from Queensland, Bruce has worked his way around Australia, the U.S.A and Canada, starting and educating young horses.

The former Professional Saddle Bronc Rider has started hundreds of horses and is on a mission to show the public that cowboys have a refined, gentle and educated side, and are not the rough and tumble stereotypes that have garnered a crueller reputation in bygone years.

O’Dell competed on the rodeo scene internationally, across USA and Canada, completing his Master Farrier qualification in the process. In his competition career he was accoladed as the highest ever saddle-bronc money earner. He lives on his Maldon property with his wife Jane, who is a champion Barrel Racer. After 17 years on the Australian Professional Rodeo circuit, winning all of Australia’s major titles, and competing at the infamous Calgary Stampede, O’Dell has now retired from competition.


Bruce believes in establishing the basics and providing people with methods to help eliminate rider frustration and confused horses. Covering the physical, mental, and emotional state of the horse is essential in moving forward. Individual exercises for individual partnerships result in better communication between horse and rider.