IRT All-Star The Way Of The Horse Trainer

Ken Faulkner

Ken Faulkner

Champion: EQUITANA Melbourne 2012

Ken Faulkner, winner of 2012 The Way Of The Horse, began his horsemanship career at the age of fifteen when he started “breaking-in” horses for the public. Although he was surrounded by stockmen who broke in horses using traditional methods, he always felt there was an easier way, both for the horse and rider. Over the years he developed his own style which was successful, but he still felt there was something he didn’t quite understand. The answer became clearer during a trip to the US when he met several master horsemen who understood and could explain horse psychology. Now the sky was the limit and he began the journey of passing on his years of knowledge, training and experience to his students.

For the past eighteen years, his full-time occupation has been travelling throughout the world helping people and horses work together in harmony. His courses are currently run in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and France.


Ken’s knowledge and information helps people and horses build a level of communication that will enable them to move forward together as a partnership, understand the intricacies of finesse riding and high level liberty.

Ken has created a program for students to follow with the option to sit for assessments and gain certificates if they desire. By the time a student and horse officially reach Certificate III, they will have the ability to perform whatever type of horsemanship discipline they choose.