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This information is for competitors accepted to compete at EQUITANA 2016

EQUITANA Melbourne thanks you for your cooperation and wishes you an enjoyable event experience.

pdf Download Horse Health Declaration Form pdf Download Horse Entry Terms & Conditions pdf Download Competitor Precinct Map

Arrival Procedure and Parking

It is extremely important for everyone’s benefit that these procedures are followed. Please read the following information very carefully.

The following information is designed to ensure you and your horses have a safe and enjoyable visit to EQUITANA Melbourne 2016. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The Melbourne Showgrounds is located on the corner of Epsom and Langs Road in Ascot Vale,

Melways Ref. 28 F11

Entry to the stables, day parking for truck/float is from Langs Road GATE 2.

Please refer to the precinct map.



It is important that you check in with the Stable Manager upon your arrival before unloading your horse/s. The “Stable Manager” office is located at Gate 2, opposite the main stable entrance (“Clydesdale Pavilion”).


Hand in the ‘Horse Health Declaration/Waybill’ (completed for each horse) as well as the ‘Horse Entry Terms & Conditions’ to the Stable Manager. Your horse/s will not be allowed entry into the venue without these forms.


After handing in your forms you will be given a parking pass that will give you access to truck/float parking areas on your day of arrival. Parking passes required for subsequent days will be in your competitor packs to be picked up at competition office. Driver’s mobile number and the vehicle registration number must be clearly written on the pass. The security personnel will be checking your vehicle to ensure the vehicle registration number corresponds with the number on your pass.


STABLING - If stabling has been arranged for your horse/s you will be directed to your allocation. In consideration of other competitors and exhibitors, please unload your horse/s and gear in a timely manner to ensure as little congestion as possible. Stables are prepared for horses prior to their arrival so they can go directly from the truck/float to their stables. Once horses and gear are unloaded, all vehicles must go to the designated car park as directed by the Event Staff. Please park your vehicles as close together as possible. Your vehicle day pass must be displayed at all times during the day/event period.

NO STABLING – If stabling has NOT been arranged for your horse/s, you will be directed to drive to the ‘Day Truck & Float area’ and park as directed by Event Officials after handing in your paperwork. Your horse/s are to be kept on or tied to your truck/float.


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Your competitor packs will contain all accreditation required when onsite at EQUITANA as well as your parking passes and any extra tickets you have been allocated. If you do not collect your competitor pack you will not be able to access areas within the EQUITANA precinct. Please note – Competitor Packs must be signed for by competitors.

There is no power available for trucks. It is a stipulation of Melbourne Showgrounds that competitors are not able to camp in vehicles overnight.

If you need somewhere to camp, you may go to Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre. You must pre-book a camp site/horse yard by calling the centre manager on 03 9741 7672.

Costs are: $16 facility fee and $15 per night camping fee


Competitors who have a truck/float pass for multiple days will have to display the correct pass on each day. If you decide to disconnect your vehicle (e.g. your car from a float or truck from gooseneck) and leave the venue you may not be able to park close to your float/gooseneck when you return the next day. We will endeavour to park your vehicle near your float/gooseneck if you return between 6-7am.

All horse transport vehicles and accredited personnel travelling in the vehicle are allowed entry via Gate 2 off Langs rd. If there are any other members of your team (for example horse owners) who are travelling in a separate car, they will need to park in the Visitor Car park which is accessible via Gate 7 off Langs rd (The car parking fee is $20 per day).


General admission (GA) ticket holders, if they are travelling in a horse transport vehicle together with the competitor and groom must be dropped off at GATE 1 (off Epsom Rd) prior to the horse vehicle entering via GATE 2 with competitor and groom. GA tickets do not allow access to back of house/stable areas.

Arrival Times


Each competition group has individual arrival times. It is imperative that arrival times are strictly adhered to; please make sure you do not arrive earlier than the allocated time as you may be denied access. Your individual arrival time can be found in your competitor letter that was sent via email.



Conditions of Entry to Back of House and Stables
Under Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, EQUITANA Melbourne Event Managers (Equine Productions) are obliged to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the event is conducted in a manner which provides for the safety of all persons that might be present at any time, including public, employees, volunteers, competitors, independent contractors, stakeholders and event staff.

Stable Work Place
The workplace of the stables at EQUITANA Melbourne is unique in so much as all event equine disciplines share the environment and over the course of the four days of the event and rehearsal days hundreds of horses are managed and stabled. To ensure the workplace is a safe and controlled environment the below policy is in place for the stable area.

  1. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted into the stables unless competing at EQUITANA
  2. If Children under the age of 13 are competing they must be in the company of an adult in the stables and during competition
  3. Prams, pushers, bicycles, scooters and golf buggies are not permitted in the stables (exceptions include vehicles used by stable manager, venue management and first aid/ambulance personnel)
  4. No smoking is allowed inside the stables
  5. No dogs are allowed at the venue
  6. ‘Non-competing’ and ‘non-essential’ personnel will not be provided with a Stable Access pass - accreditation is provided to competitors and grooms only
  7. Event security will deny access to the stables without correct event accreditation


  • Stables are located in a permanent building called the ‘Clydesdale Pavilion’. The box size is 3.3m x 3.6m and all stables will be supplied with Bedding. There is not an automatic water system so make sure you bring buckets with you.
  • Stables are also located in the undercover areas directly behind Grand Pavilion. The box size is 3.2m x 3.2m and all stables will be supplied with bedding. There is not an automatic watering system so make sure you bring buckets with you.
  • If you have a stallion/s you may want to bring an extra cover/divider that you can put on the top half of the stable to limit your horse’s view of other horses.
  • You are responsible for the cleaning of the stable while your horse is in it. Please leave your stable clean on departure with the bedding left in the box, so it is ready for other arriving horses.
  • There will be no dedicated tack rooms. Please place your tack/equipment directly in front of your stable without blocking the aisle ways
  • Wash bays with cold water will be available outside the Clydesdale Pavilion
  • Only accredited riders/grooms will be given access to the stables due to biosecurity reasons. No exceptions allowed
  • To ensure horses rest throughout the night the lights will be turned off and all doors closed from Midnight to 5.30am

Competitor Insurance

Competitor Insurance
The Event Organiser’s public liability insurance does not cover competitors, competitors’ horses or competitors’ grooms. Competitors compete at their own risk. It is the responsibility of every competitor competing at Equitana Melbourne to maintain a current Personal Accident/ Public & Products Liability through their specific equine group membership.

Warm up arenas

Warm-up arenas will be available to all horses prior to their competition. There are two warm up areas available in the back of house area:

  • Outdoor Warm Up - Sand/Rubber Surface
  • Grand Pavilion Warm Up - Undercover Warm Up (close to the Grand Pavilion) – Sand Surface

Refer to the EQUITANA Precinct map for arena locations.

Note: Both warm up arenas are not accessible to public, however spectators can see the Outdoor Warm Up from the seating around the main Outdoor Competition Arena. The Grand Pavilion Warm Up is primarily available to riders competing in the Grand Pavilion.

Exercising horses in the sand demonstration arenas located within exhibition pavilions is not permitted at any time.

Excessive lunging or overworking of horses will not be tolerated. People found to be in breach of Animal Care & Protection guidelines may be asked to leave the venue.

Competition Arenas

Competition Arenas

Grand Pavilion Indoor Arena

  • A purposely built indoor arena is located within the Grand Pavilion
  • The arena has a sand surface and is 30m x 70m in size. The seating capacity around the arena is approximately 4,800
  • Please note a big screen will be suspended from the arena ceiling (approximately 6m above the arena surface) and the intention is to keep the vision on during all competitions

Rowville Competition Arena

  • This arena is located in the centre of the EQUITANA Precinct, between Grand Pavilion, Grand Hall and the Epsom Pavilion.
  • The arena has a grass surface and is 80m x 80m in size. There is also a 10 metre sand track around the arena. The seating capacity is 4,300.

Think Fencing Arena

  • This arena is located on Town Square, next to the Grand Pavilion.
  • The arena has a grass surface and is 60m x 40m in size.
  • The seating capacity is 2,500.


Stallion Disks
EQUITANA & Equestrian Australia recommend the use of Stallion Identification Discs. Stallions should wear official ‘discs’ at all times whilst at the venue. These discs are to be worn on both sides of head collars and bridles or on some part of the horse on both sides to identify to others that the horse is a stallion.



No feed is provided to competition horses, you are responsible for bringing your preferred feed with you. Hay/chaff will be available to purchase at the venue.


Feed can be purchased at the venue from Granny Reilly Feeds PH 0408 509 601 Email

Vet and Farrier

Veterinary Services/Farrier

Veterinary Services will be available on-site during the day and will be on call to attend to any emergency overnight. Normal veterinary charges will apply for consultation and procedures. A farrier will be available during the day over the four days of the event. Phone numbers will be available from the Stable Manager & Competition offices. All Veterinary/Farrier fees must be paid for immediately by cash or credit card, direct to the Veterinarian/Farrier.
Please note random swabbing will take place according to the Equestrian Australia Medication Control policy.

Overnight Security

Overnight Security

Overnight Stable Managers will be monitoring horse security and well-being during the night. The stable Managers check all horses for any signs of illness or distress and will contact the person listed on the stable card and on call vet in the event of an emergency.

All owners/grooms of horses staying overnight are required to write their mobile phone numbers on the stable door in case of an emergency.