Equi-Talent Winner – Amelia Strivens!

EQUITANA Melbourne is excited to announce the very first winner of Equi-Talent 2018 – Amelia Strivens performing Horse Archery!

Check out her application video to see her amazing talent!

Amelia is 18 and from Cairns, QLD and has been training and competing in Horse Archery for the last 5 years at a national level. She was junior National Champion before moving into senior where Amelia has been placing in the top 5 for the past 2 years and her first international competition is in Japan later this year...

As seen in the video there are a number of different shots she plans to incorporate into her dedicated segment of ‘Full Flight’ with the favourite being the ground shot!

“I’m super excited to be able to share horse archery at EQUITANA and possible inspire some future warriors. I hope to showcase a few different shots and possibly bring a new trick to the show. My goal is to inspire and entertain while showcasing this amazing sport to help it grow.”

Horse archery is a sport where the host of a competition must supply the horses so a rider must be able to shoot effectively from whichever horse they are given. As Amelia is located in Cairns (Far North Queensland) and therefore won’t be able to bring her horse Prince down for EQUITANA, however will perform on a guest horse to be announced closer the event.

“I have always been I love with horses and started lessons at Crystal Cascades Horse Park 7 years ago. My instructor Erin Flanagan has been closely coaching me helping me with my riding and horsemanship. I would not be the rider I am today without her support and mentoring.”

To follow Amelia’s journey and preparation leading into EQUITANA, her Instagram is

Amelia would like to take this opportunity to thank her sponsors Guardian Hire Products and Performa Ride.