EQUITANA Supporting our Aussie WEG Representatives

The 2018 World Equestrian Games is about to begin and we are so excited to support all of the Australian Riders, especially those that are apart of the EQUITANA Family - Chris Burton (Eventing), Andrew Hoy (Eventing), Emma Booth (Para-Dressage) and Dan James (Reining) that you will be able to see during EQUITANA this year. See all the teams and the full schedule below...

Chris Burton news article
(Chris Burton - Eventing)

Australian World Equestrian Games Teams


  • Stephanie Dore (individual female)
  • Sarah Grayson (individual female)
  • Ruth Skrzypek (individual female)
  • Jamie Hocking (Indivual male)
  • Jerri Dixon & Rachel Barlow (Pas de Deux)


  • Penny Toft and Dream Dancer te
  • Naomi O’Shaughnessy and Castlebar Party Girl
  • Stella Harbison and Magical Mikada
  • Samantha Jones and Wallace Hill Sundance


  • Dan James
  • Martin Larcombe
  • Robyn Schiller
  • Shauna Larcombe
  • Warwick Schiller


  • Chris Burton and Cooley Lands
  • Sam Griffiths and Paulank Brockagh
  • Andrew Hoy and Vassily de Lassos
  • Bill Levett and Lassban Diamond Lift
  • Shane Rose and Virgil


  • Scott Keach and Fedor
  • Jamie Kermond and Yandoo Oaks Constellation
  • Billy Raymont and Oaks Redwood
  • Rowan Willis and Blue Movie


  • Mary Hanna & Boogie Woogie 6
  • Alexis Hellyer & Bluefields Floreno
  • Kristy Oatley & Du Soleil
  • Brett Parbery & DP Weltmieser

Emma Booth news article
(Emma Booth - Para Dressage)

World Equestrian Games schedule of events

  • Tuesday 11 Sept: opening ceremony

  • Wednesday 12 Sept: endurance; dressage grand prix; reining, including medal ceremony

  • Thursday 13 Sept: endurance medal ceremony; dressage grand prix including team medal ceremony; reining; first day of eventing dressage

  • Friday 14 Sept: second day of eventing dressage; dressage grand prix special including medal ceremony

  • Saturday 15 Sept: eventing cross-country; reining including medal ceremony

  • Sunday 16 Sept: dressage freestyle including medal ceremony; eventing showjumping followed by team and individual medal ceremony

  • Monday 17 Sept: rest day

  • Tuesday 18 Sept: para dressage individual competition; vaulting

  • Wednesday 19 Sept: para dressage individual with medals ceremony; vaulting with medal ceremony; first round showjumping competition

  • Thursday 20 Sept: para dressage team test; second round of showjumping; vaulting with medal ceremony

  • Friday 21 Sept: para dressage team test including medals; driving dressage; third round of showjumping with team medal ceremony

  • Saturday 22 Sept: para dressage freestyle including medals; driving marathon; vaulting with medal ceremony

  • Sun 23 Sept: driving cones followed by team and individual medals; individual showjumping competition including medal ceremony; World Equestrian Games closing ceremony

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