Exhibitor Profile

Double Dan Horsemanship

Find us here at EQUITANA: John Deere Pavilion 136

Since their debut as “The Dan and Dan Show” in 2008, Double Dan Horsemanship is quickly becoming a household name in the equine industry. The duo have been noted for performing at every major Royal show in Australia and many large equine events in the United States, earning championships at the “Way of the Horse” at Equitana Asia Pacific in 2008, Road to the Horse International 2012 and the Mane Event 2012 Trainer’s Challenge. They have been crowd favorites in the opening ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games, Australia’s Got Talent, Australian National Cutting Horse Futurities, Equine Affaire and many others. As one of the hottest-selling equine acts in the industry, they continue to expand their horizons.

Excited to take each step down the Pathway to Liberty, they instruct horsemanship clinics, produce training tools to simplify the training process and continue to entertain crowds around the world with their most electrifying liberty horse demonstration, displaying the ultimate partnership between horses and handlers. Dan Steers and Dan James have committed themselves to inviting riders of any skill level to push the boundaries of horsemanship and build extraordinary relationships with their horses.