Exhibitor Profile

Woollybutt Designs

Find us here at EQUITANA: John Deere Pavilion 162

Who is Woollybutt Designs?

Woollybutt Equine Designs building on the Swish Horse legacy, create custom designed and constructed horse apparel aimed at all riders and horse lovers. From competition level horses, to the much loved paddock pony. Swish Horse designs have made a name for themselves for more than 15 years. The hallmarks of our brand are our 3 piece pattern, the use of luxury Australian fabrics and the highest quality hardware and fittings.

Our point of difference:

We specialise in producing individually designed sizes, colors and shapes to suit the special horse or special event. We can make the perfect rug to fit any horse from a Miniature Pony to 22hh Draft horse. Our range includes our 3 piece contoured horse rugs, neck rugs, tail bags, and fitted hoods.

‘Contoured’ deluxe range of rugs:

Our “Contour” range of rugs are designed to help prevent the common problems associated with standard rugs like rubbing, sliding backwards and slipping sideways. Made from 3 pieces – 2 sides and the spine section, the unique contour shaping gives a vastly better fit by correctly hugging to the horses curves. Moving the seams off the spine reduces sideways slipping, wither rubs and diagonal pulling, commonly found with other rugs.