Fiber Fresh Partners with EQUITANA Jumping

Fiber Fresh has joined EQUITANA Melbourne as a sponsor in 2018. Fiber Fresh are providers of unique high nutritional moist forage feeds, that are highly digestible providing greater levels of quality protein and safer slower release energy, supporting better gut health and providing a healthy balance to grain and concentrate feeding.

Fiber Fresh has the naming rights to two jumping competitions: the Fiber Fresh Speed Knock Out Championships in Thursday evening’s Full Flight major event; and the Fiber Fresh 1.3m Jumping Competition on Friday afternoon...

Fiber Fresh was established in 1984 with the belief that they would make a difference to the health and performance of animals by producing high quality forage feeds that better support the horses nutritional needs. Using innovative research and development techniques, they developed scientifically proven, natural products with unrivalled levels of nutrients and safe energy.

A great fit for all horse owners looking for improved health and performance in their horses diet, Fiber Fresh is a healthier way of feeding.

The unique high nutritional forage has the characteristics of fibre yet the energy of a concentrate and features high levels of quality protein, calcium and amino acids, as well as naturally occurring levels of vitamins and minerals. It is a safe, low GI supply of energy that will not heat horses.

The difference is their unique system of fresh forage harvesting and preservation. Fresh forage means crops harvested from the field moist and succulent; are processed within hours, and sealed into airtight packaging, locking in all the available nutrients.

Fiber Fresh products FiberProtect® and FiberMix® are both slow release high energy forage feeds and are each designed to be fed as the foundation in the feed bowl, as a balance to grain-based concentrates to meet the full nutritional requirements of the horse. They are also ideal to be feed by themselves as a support to pasture or hay.

EQUITANA Melbourne is delighted to welcome Fiber Fresh as a sponsor this year.

For information on all Fiber Fresh products and nutritional advice go the website: