Mulawa Arabian Stud

For nearly 50 years, the Farrell Family has been actively and passionately involved with horses. Inspired by Greg’s love for the Arabian horse, the family pursuit grew from modest beginnings in the early 1970’s to one of the continent’s leading Arabian breeding and training operations in the new millennium...

Julie’s & Katherine’s passion for riding, and in particular the Olympic sport of Dressage, resulted in the expansion of the programme over the past decade beyond the Arabian breed to encompass the new division of Mulawa Performance, focused on world-class Warmbloods and one of the top aspiring Dressage teams in Australasia. With Jane enthusiastically involved in all aspects of promotion and stewardship, and a conscientious assembly of a dedicated and talented team of professionals sharing their talent and expertise across five properties in two Australian states, Mulawa remains, at its heart, a family owned and operated enterprise providing leadership and inspiration across multiple breeds & disciplines within the global equine industry.

Committed to promoting the Arabian horse at all levels of ownership and involvement, from the ideal family horse and all-around versatile athlete to the highest levels of international competition, Mulawa remains steadfastly dedicated to breeding intelligent, appealing, superior-quality performers, faithfully embodying the Arabian breed ideal of the beautiful athlete and the devoted equine companion. Proud to celebrate over fifteen generations of visionary breeding success, the Farrell Family looks forward to sharing the Arabian horse with equine enthusiasts from around the world, to expanding involvement with the global Mulawa Community, and to showcasing the best of the ancient and noble breed for decades yet to come.

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