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Good training is not discipline specific, having a mindset that we need to cross train is good, but a more advanced way of thinking is that all training comes under the same mindset. We can close the divide between the mindsets to advance our horses. I train dressage, stock work, and am a Rodeo Pick-up man. This is all just good stockmanship and need or really can’t have a specific banner. Just maybe real Horsemanship

I start and train every horse to get it ready to go mustering. Old school work which gets horses ready to work in any ridden discipline. From dressage, to a safe trail ride, to extreme high pressure situations, with still keeping the best mate relationship with your friend and work mate… your horse.

World leading expert A/Prof Ben Sykes takes us through everything that’s new in Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) and what you need to know, all in an easy to digest way. This includes an update on today’s terminology, the differences between ESGD and EGGD, and what it all means for your horses.

Most people who have horses, at one point or another, has had to deal with seedy toe.  Some have only ever experienced mild cases which seem relatively harmless.  Often people learn to live with it as it just never seems to go away! Seedy Toe (or White Line Disease) can be everything from; an inconvenient crack in an otherwise neat hoof; a large invasion that spreads through the ‘white-line’ making it difficult to maintain a usable hoof; to a major infection causing recurring abscesses, which can eventually infect the coffin bone leading to permanent damage and lameness. In this presentation, we’ll look at what it is, how it starts, how to get rid of it, and how to prevent it!

Feeding horses during the transition from racehorse to their new career as a performance or pleasure horse can be a tricky one! While the horse’s metabolic rate is still high, yet not always very efficient, and with the consideration in mind for safe weight gain, while avoiding hyperactive behaviours, it is one of the most common questions that we get asked. How do we achieve all these things safely? Working through this question, and addressing common considerations and solutions, Kentucky Equine Research, in conjunction with Racing Victoria will provide advice for the growing Off The Track network.

Outlining the Arena Construction Process to suit Australian conditions from the initial stages of choosing your construction professional right through to completion. Topics covered include Sub-Structure, Drainage, Surfaces and Maintenance for the life of your Arena.

A discussion on the importance and implications of musculoskeletal scars including the following aspects; Explanations of scar tissue and the different types of scars Comparison of the external (on the skin) presentation to the internal (under dissection) Common areas of damage ‘ explanation of why and how these areas are commonly damaged. Discussion of internal scars such as post colic surgery, gelding scars Potential effects on performance Treatment options and modalities – What the owner can do and who can help Case presentations and outcomes ‘ lower limb, old scars, hamstrings, pectorals Owner prevention and management

This talk will be an overview of how the various Australian Codes and Guides which are about horse activities impact on you. What do you need to do to meet WHS requirements? What documents do you need to cover your business ? What are your responsibilities if something goes wrong? Can you be sued if an accident happens? Are you responsible for visitors to your property? What is a risk assessment and when should we do them? This talk will touch on insurance, being sued, and paperwork that you need to protect your business.

These issues are hot topics with coaches, riding schools, agistment centres, trainers, and all who interact with others as they run their horse activities.

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