Sporting Horse Championships Proudly Sponsored by Wintec Saddles

It is with great pleasure EQUITANA Melbourne announces that Wintec Saddles will be sponsoring our Sporting Horse Championships in 2018.

Wintec began developing cloth (synthetic) race saddles in 1986. Their primary objective was to create a race saddle that was lighter and performed better than any leather saddle. Soon enough, the racing world was so interested in the new synthetic race saddles that they went into full-scale production...

Now all riders and their horses can enjoy the benefits of a lightweight, splash-proof, durable and easy-care Wintec saddle. Whether simply enjoying time together with your horse or competing at any level, there’s a model in the range for you! Featuring world-leading innovations for your horse’s comfort and performance, the CAIR Cushion System and the revolutionary EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution, it’s easy to see that Wintec is as serious about your performance as you are!

Wintec incorporates the best of modern technology in saddles that are practical, ultra-comfortable and most importantly, embrace a sense of fun. Riders all around the world love their Wintec saddles for the performance advantages they offer horse and rider. Wintec saddles are all about maximising the fun and minimising the worry and effort – rideable in all weather, scratch resistant, tough as nails, easy-care, lightweight and adjustable for the changing needs of your horse, it’s no wonder they are the world’s favourite saddle.

Wintec Saddles are available in All Purpose , Jumping, Dressage , Stock, Western, Endurance, Trail and Exercise, and a wide range of complementary accessories are available to suit.

It is wonderful for EQUITANA to be continuing our long association with Wintec Saddles by having them involved not only with a stand, but now also as a sponsor.

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