Stars Return for The Way Of The Horse Competition

EQUITANA Melbourne is bringing back four All-Star trainers for this year’s The Way Of The Horse (TWOTH) Challenge, the world famous horse starting competition, which will run from November 15-18 at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

To celebrate the 20th year of EQUITANA in Australia, each trainer is a previous winner of TWOTH.

The trainers are , Bruce O’Dell (2014), Ken Faulkner (2012) Adam Sutton (2010) and Tui Teka from EQUITANA Auckland (2017), making this a face-off between the best of the best.

Event Director Rod Lockwood is excited to see four champions of the competition all in the same arena to celebrate the TWOTH Challenge that has become the leading attraction of EQUITANA Melbourne.

“As part of our 20th year celebrations we wanted it to be our best TWOTH ever and what better way to celebrate than to have this iconic Australian Horsemanship Challenge expanded to four competitors who also happen to be past winners?” Lockwood said, “What an exciting way to celebrate Australian horsemanship skills as well!”

“TWOTH has become synonymous with EQUITANA Melbourne, it is now a brand within the brand. It’s a competition that we are extremely proud of” Lockwood added.

As an added twist, this year will see trainers work with Morgan Horses, thanks to the Mountain Creek Moriesans stud. This relatively uncommon breed of horse will offer a different challenge compared to the traditional Australian Stock Horses used in the past.

“In keeping with the innovation, we are also trying a new breed this year by introducing Morgan Horses” said Lockwood.

“We hope they will add a different element to the challenge and give the breed a bit of exposure to the broader equine community” Lockwood said.

Each trainer will select an unstarted horse and spend one hour each day across the four days of EQUITANA training it through their tried and tested ‘horse starting’ methods. The competition demonstrates the friendlier and safer methods of starting horses.

The Way Of The Horse is just one part of the extensive competition program synonymous with EQUITANA Melbourne, making it the biggest equestrian event in the Southern Hemisphere.

In addition to the competitions, EQUITANA Melbourne is bringing over 70 local and international educators. Over 100 educations sessions will keep equine enthusiasts captivated and offer classes suitable for the first-time horse owner right up to the Olympic level rider.

From November 15-18 this year the Melbourne Showgrounds will be taken over by EQUITANA Melbourne with the equine world converging on the grounds.