The Australasian Arabian Breeders' Cup sponsored by Mulawa Arabian Stud

Mulawa Arabian Stud is incredibly proud to partner with EQUITANA Melbourne as the official sponsor for the Australasian Arabian Breeder’s Cup. An essential event at EQUITANA Melbourne throughout the past decade, the Australasian Arabian Breeders’ Cup is an ideal showcase for the incomparable beauty and inherent versatility of the Arabian horse...

Universally acknowledged as a leader and innovator within the Australian industry, the Farrell family’s Mulawa Arabian Stud is one of the most respected, enduring and accomplished breeding, training, show and performance programmes in the country. Now embarking on five decades of involvement with and dedication to the Arabian horse, the Farrells can proudly celebrate twelve successive generations of vision, achievement and results.

Committed to the Arabian breed and equine sport for nearly half a century, Mulawa Arabian Stud remains dedicated to supporting equine competition and broad exposure for the equine industry at all levels. Partnering with EQUITANA to feature the inherent appeal of the Arabian horse, the world’s oldest and most broadly influential equine breed, at the Australasian Arabian Breeders’ Cup provides the perfect opportunity to share the best of this noble desert warrior with the eager, horse-oriented enthusiasts expected to attend EQUITANA, resulting in more positive exposure and engagement.

Working together with the organising team and the event partners and sponsors, as well as the diverse & progressive equine industry from all across Australia & New Zealand, we look forward to another successful Australasian Arabian Breeder’s Cup at EQUITANA Melbourne. On behalf of the Arabian horse, the ancient and proud breed, Mulawa Arabian Stud looks forward to celebrating our shared love of the horse at this premier industry event.

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