Think Fencing - The Fencing Innovators & Problem Solvers

Think Fencing is renowned for their quality, durability and beauty and EQUITANA is proud to announce their return as the Offical Naming Rights Partner and fencing provider of Town Sqaure Arena...
Think Fencing Arena was a brand new space in 2016 and has become synonymous as the home of the McDowells Herbal Australian Brumby Challenge on Town Square!
Think Fencing is back again at EQUITANA Melbourne in 2018 as the Official Naming Rights Partner of this arena and the providers of the magnificent fencing you'll see at the event.
Known as fencing innovators and problem solvers, Think Fencing is a family owned and operated composite fencing business that through constant innovation and inspiration, has created a range of PVC fencing products renowned for their quality, durability and beauty.
Every fence they've created was built on the same foundations that a fence should be more than just a barrier separating paddocks or neighbours. With so many products available on the market today it can be daunting finding the right one. Your fence should look equally as good from both sides.
All of their systems are made from polymer composites meaning they can design features unachievable in traditional materials.

When you and your family are behind a Think Fencing system you'll feel good because you have chosen to “Think” differently.

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