Australian Brumby Challenge Partners Dolly’s Dream Foundation

EQUITANA Melbourne has announced that the hugely popular Australian Brumby Challenge will be returning in 2018 and will be partnering with Dolly’s Dream Foundation to develop a Youth Award in memory of Dolly Everett...

The Australian Brumby Challenge was developed by the Victoria Brumby Association and launched at EQUITANA Melbourne in 2016. The Challenge follows the journey of 20 trainers as they transform untamed Brumbies passively captured from Victoria’s high country, from wild to willing in 150 days. The Final is held across four days of EQUITANA, with trainers showcasing the transformation of their Brumby in front the crowd and an expert panel of judges.

Applications are now open for professional and non-professional trainers to apply. There are two categories of the Challenge, Ridden and Youth. In the Ridden Challenge, Brumbies aged four and older are saddle trained. In the Youth Challenge, yearling aged Brumbies are trained and presented in hand only, not to be started under saddle or sat on.

In 2018, the Youth Challenge will age restricted and only open to trainers aged from ten to 17 years. The competition is proud to be aligning with Dolly’s Dream Foundation, with a Youth Yearling Award presented to the winner.

Dolly’s Dream Foundation launched in early 2018 the result of the passing of bullying victim, 14-year-old Dolly Everett. The foundation aims to facilitate positive change in young lives and to provide support to charity groups in the fundraising and promotion of anti-bullying campaigns in school aged youth.

EQUITANA’s Competition Manager, Bonnie Carr, is proud to see the development of the youth competition by the Victorian Brumby Challenge this year and alignment with a charity close the equine industry’s heart.

“In light of the devastating news of the passing of passionate equestrian Dolly earlier this year due to severe online bullying, we are proud that the Australian Brumby Challenge will be associated and assist in the fundraising effort of this amazing foundation.”

“We are excited to be supporting the humane rehoming and re-education of Victoria’s wild Brumbies through the Australian Brumby Challenge and look forward to what this year’s competition has in store,” said Carr.

The Challenge will also be welcoming ‘McDowells Herbal Treatments’ as the official naming rights partner in 2018. McDowells are specialists in natural heath treatments and will be supporting all Brumbies involved in the challenge through a generous supplement program across the 150 days.

All Brumbies will be available to purchase through registered auction at the commencement of the competition on the final day of EQUITANA. The Challenge will officially begin on 23 June and interested parties can follow the journey of their favourite trainers and horses through the Australian Brumby Challenge Facebook page and official website, as well as all EQUITANA Australia digital platforms.

Tickets to EQUITANA Melbourne will be on sale from July, 2018.

For more details on the Australian Brumby Challenge and to apply to become a trainer visit,