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EQUITANA Melbourne is the largest multi-discipline equine event in the Southern Hemisphere, with over 25,000+  horse lovers flocking to the Melbourne Showgrounds from all over Australia, New Zeleand and Asia.

The shopping at EQUITANA is our audiences favourite part of the event and with two years between events to save, they come prepared to spend and spend big.


Why Exhibit at equitana Melbourne in 2024?



With an expected attendance of over 25,000 people, EQUITANA Melbourne presents the best opportunity to engage with your target market, build and increase brand awareness and grow sales opportunities.


your business

EQUITANA Melbourne provides exhibitors with endless opportunities to grow their business within one of the strongest industries in Australia. This presents exceptional means for exhibitors to track their market progress through database collections, targeted sales and trackable marketing avenues. 


your relationships

EQUITANA Melbourne provides a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationships with the public, distributors and industry peers. With thousands of attendees and hundreds of companies exhibiting each year, the event provides the perfect catalyst for all business relationships.


targeted audience

No other event in Australia can provide access to such a huge number of specifically targeted audience members. By being the only multi-disciplinary event of its size in Australia, EQUITANA Melbourne has the unique position of being able to offer businesses access to ALL groups which make up the bulk of the equine industry.
EQUITANA Melbourne gives companies the chance to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry through the members of the public who drive it. Don’t let your company be left in the dark this year!


media exposure

Every year EQUITANA events lead the way in providing exhibitors with the ultimate marketing opportunities across all media as well as proactive online avenues.

The EQUITANA Official Website contains details of all contracted exhibitors and includes links to their website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. This list can also be accessed from EQUITANA’s own Facebook page which is verging on 58,000 followers. The Official Website had over 350,000 visits last year alone, from all over the world!

exhibition enquiries

If your business wants to be part of this amazing equine trading hub at EQUITANA Melbourne but you’re not sure what’s best for your business,
contact our Exhibition Manager Ben Annear at ben@equineproductions.com.au 


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Equitana Melbourne


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