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Dan Steers, co-founder of Double Dan Horsemanship, began his equestrian journey in Western Australia. His early experiences included working with master farrier Pete Webber and cutting trainer Corry Holden. Steers developed his skills in breeding, training, and showing horses, earning numerous accolades such as the ACA Western Australian Reserve Champion Open Campdraft rider in 2007. In 2008, he partnered with Dan James, and together they founded Double Dan Horsemanship, gaining international recognition for their innovative training and captivating performances

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Dan James, born in Queensland, Australia, is a renowned horse trainer and co-founder of Double Dan Horsemanship. His passion for horses began early, and he honed his skills worldwide, learning from top trainers. Dan has competed in various equestrian disciplines and earned multiple titles, including two-time World Champion Colt Starter and Freestyle Reining Champion. His innovative training techniques and showmanship have made him a crowd favourite. Beyond competitions, Dan’s horses have been featured in TV, film, and photography projects, showcasing their unique skills and his elite horsemanship.

horsemanship masterclass with the Double Dans

horsemanship masterclass

Talk to anyone about horsemanship and Australia and there is one name that always comes up… the Double Dans. 

The much anticipated masterclass will cover the art of horsemanship including the principle of effective communication between horses and humans. It will help riders turn a stiff, heavy and unwilling horse into a soft, supple and cooperative partner. Their goal is simple – to help create well rounded horses that can go on to do any discipline or job and achieve the perfect equine relationship. 

Their combined depth of knowledge and experience and comfortable, easy-going way of delivery make the masterclass a must for all.

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