Equitana Melbourne


COVID-19 UPDATE – EVENT POSTPONED: EQUITANA Melbourne has now been postponed to 8 July to 11 July 2021. Further updates via social media and email.

Arabians are arguably one of the most photogenic horses of the world. And their beauty and unique style is once more on display at EQUITANA via the Arabian Showcase. Watch these stunning horses work under saddle, strut their stuff in the led classes, and get a taste of the history surrounding this ancient breed in the costume classes. Set for the Saturday afternoon in the outdoor arena at Melbourne 2020, a lovely backdrop for these lovely horses.

MiniTana, the crowd favourite is BACK in 2020! Once again watch these little horses and ponies prove they may be tiny in stature, but they are sure big in heart! MiniTana features a variety of classes, from led turnout, to the ever popular High Jump. Moved to the more intimate and expanded Town Square Competition Zone, you will see these little guys fly high in a much easier to view area.

The led parade is a feature event of horses and ponies on display in our Breed Village. From the tiny Mini to the Gypsy Cob, Appaloosa to Shire- many breeds will be at EQUITANA, which one is your favourite? The breed showcase will be held on Sunday at Town Square. Who will win best led exhibit of EQUITANA 2020? And which one will win the crowd favourite?

The history of Australia was formed in part with the help of these gentle giants. From ploughing fields, to carriage horses, heavy haulage, dragging sleds and trees, and taking the kids to school, the heavy horse was a mainstay of early Australian life. These days, these huge animals are best known for pulling beer wagons. This EQUITANA you can see some of these heavy breeds on show in the outdoor arena at EQUITANA. 

The show horse class at EQUITANA is a wonderful way to see the exceptional beauty of the ridden and led horse. Split into the standard heights of Pony, Galloway and Hack classes, the EQUITANA show horse program is an event to immerse yourself in the beauty of the horse. Show horse is timetabled in for Sunday midday in the expanded Town Square Competition zone so you can get right close to the action. 

EQUITANA’s inaugural Liberty Championship will showcase trainers and their horses presenting a Liberty ‘freestyle’.  The competition highlights the connection between horse and trainer which is established over many hundreds of hours at work and play together.  No saddles or bridles!  The communication between horse and trainer is inspiring to see.  Trainers may enter with one horse, or a team, and will showcase a creative Liberty performance in an effort to impress both the public and judges alike.

This is the best Reining has to offer in Australia, all together under one roof. Highest winnings ever on offer.

 Top 20 riders in Australia, all handpicked, top of the industry. Come along and watch the power, speed and agility of these amazing reining horses,  sliding stops, spins, galloping, roll backs, such precision, amazing talent,  and amazing speed. The horses are so sure footed, gritty, and agile. Who will be EQUITANA”s Champion? Come along and see.

Sporting Horses can be of any size and breed and are extremely fit, fast and agile while also having a strong mind that can concentrate under extreme pressure while racing.  

Races are conducted with 4 horses racing in their own lane going head to head to be first across the line.

Horses in the qualifying finals will collect points based on their finishing position.  As every point is crucial, the competitors will be putting it all on the line in every race.

Come and see all the non-stop action that is Sport Horse Racing and be amazed by their skill, stamina and speed.

Agility, performance, Liberty, jumping, All in one…

Love Liberty, Love Jumping, Love Dressage, what about Agility?? Then this competition is for you. EQUITANA has designed a competition that encompasses all disciplines, rolled into one. It’s been designed for you, come along and see why.. Liberty, jumping, agility, bridges, gates, lead changes, roll backs, lateral manoeuvres, just to name a few. All wrapped into one, highlighting , partnership, trust, connection, and precision.. This is a must, no matter what disciplines you ride… 

Top level Barrel Racing is another feature at EQ MEL2020! Placed again in the EQUITANA Indoor arena, this fast paced high adrenaline equine sport is sure to thrill. Find out a little more about the nuances of what makes a top barrel racing run, before being amazed at the sheer speed as the competition really comes into flight on Sunday afternoon.

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