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COVID Guidelines

COVID safety at equitana

Being COVID safe is a shared responsibility, and it is our aim to ensure that you have a fantastic time while you are at EQUITANA Melbourne, but we also want to ensure that you remain safe while you are there.

The objective of this COVID safe guidelines is to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of patrons, staff, contractors, volunteers, and the community.

The EQUITANA Melbourne Management Team will continue to monitor the COVID situation and act in accordance with the advice of the Government and the Department of Health and Human Services

COVID safe guide

Patrons code of conduct

General Information

covid safe check in

When entering an event site, all people will be required to provide contact tracing information by:

Any person not providing their contact details will not be permitted to enter the site. 


covid marshels

covid restrictions

covid plans

All actions and plans within this document have been developed with the aim of upholding the below best practice measures and mitigations to protect against COVID spread including:

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