Andrew Bowe

Andrew Bowe

Andrew is a career professional farrier and equine podiotherapist with a business centred around Greater Melbourne. He works across a wide range of equestrian disciplines, in demanding situations ranging from high level performance to horses with chronic lameness.

To facilitate long term soundness his business is focussed on finding sustainable hoof protection solutions; paradoxically blending traditional shoeing with parameters of bare hoof care. Andrew is also a principal lecturer at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy which trains aspiring hoofcare professionals and in his spare time conducts trimming workshops for horse owners. Alongside Nicole Bowe he teaches weekend courses on Hoof management.

Andrew graduated with a B.Ap.Sc (Agric) 1990 and has been running a full time Farriery business ever since. He is Director, head lecturer and head writer of the Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy. Andrew is a Racing Victoria Limited Licenced Farrier (National Trade Accreditation) and in order to achieve this Andrew had to pass the Cert III in farriery 21677VIC. Andrew is also a long term member of the Master farriers Association. Andrew has a CERT IV in training and assessment TAA 40104

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Education Session

Laminitis Rehabilitation

Equine patients with serious laminitis are routinely euthanased, because the "disease" has traditionally been considered incurable. It does not always have to be this way, Laminitic horses can be healed. Andrew will discuss the shift away from traditional corrective farriery to barefoot rehabilitation. Nicky will join him to discuss the nursing and dietary management of a laminitic patient.

Thursday 15 November 5.00pm - 5.45pm Grand Hall Arena

Sustainable Hoof Protection

Some horses really do need hoof protection as they have not developed a hoof capsule that can support the demands of carrying extra weight on their backs along with some of the athletic feats we humans demand of them. Andrew will discuss some options for modern hoof protection, such as tips and poly shoes, that still allow the hoof to function optimally, as they permit hoof mechanism, concussion absorption and active proprioception all while protecting the sole and pedal bone. The result of this balance has seen improvement in hoof form over time, as opposed to the deterioration so often witnessed as a result of metal shoes.

Sunday 18 November 11.00am - 11.45am Grand Hall Arena