Steve Brinkworth

Steve Brinkworth

Steve Brinkworth has a lifetime of experience with horses and is a gifted horseman and teacher. Born in South Australia, Steve's horsemanship life started in 1979 when his parents bought 'Charlie,' a small horse of dubious & unknown origins! From there, the horse 'bug' set in & the Brinkworth family were hooked. Together they created Stockport Stables, a horse-trek business, taking large groups of horses & riders to the Flinders Ranges, in outback S.A.

Over many years, Steve spent countless hours with horses & was successful in the sport of Endurance riding. Competing regularly, including a few of the now famous, Tom Quilty endurance rides, each time he was presented with the highly respected "Quilty" buckle. Riding literally thousands of miles, with his Arabian Stallion 'Paladdin Sayyid', Steve won numerous trophies, including the coveted 'High Point, Pure Arabian, Endurance Horse of the Year'. All of this experience with horses, customers & the tourism industry, helped Steve develop many skills that he would turn to later on in life.

After more than 20 years of successful operation, the national horse industry "insurance woes" of the new millennium, forced the closure of Stockport Stables. Steve moved to Victoria & turned his attention to helping people with their own horses. He was amazed at the number of people wanting help with every conceivable type of horse & horse related problem. Starting with just a handful of home made adverts, he soon became very busy! 'Word of mouth' had taken over & "Horsemanship Essentials" was born. Through many years of teaching & training, Steve developed a practical, concise & simple approach to helping both horses & their owners. By following Steve's methods, students consistently achieve great results. Knowing that one never stops learning about horses, Steve is a keen student himself. He keeps an open mind & continues to read, attend clinics & be coached by others at every opportunity.

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Education Session

The '3 Step Training Triangle'

Steve's "3 Step Training Triangle" is an easy to remember framework, that gives structure to your training sessions. When applied consistently, you can quickly create a calm, relaxed horse, who is a pleasure to work with. Suitable for every horse, the 3 Essential Elements are: 1. The Focus Formula (because without Focus, your horse can't learn anything) 2. The Training Ladder (How to systematically teach the skills needed to be calm & responsive in all situations) 3. The Funnel Effect (How to apply boundaries consistently & clearly to build trust, improve your relationship & help your horse reach it's full potential). Attend this session for your free "3 Step Training Triangle" Poster.

Saturday 17 November 2.00pm - 2.45pm StableComfort Arena, John Deere Pavilion

How to teach your horse to "Self-Medicate" (to be calmer, more relaxed and easier to do everything with)

"Self-Medicate" is a process designed by Steve, to teach horses how to change their own state of mind in any scary situation. The horse learns to stop, think & calm itself automatically, hence the term "Self-Medicate". A horse who "Self-Medicates" is calmer, more relaxed & easier to do everything with. They are far less likely to run through fences or injure themselves in the paddock. They are safer to handle & much safer to ride. In this demonstration, Steve shows you how to safely teach your own horse to "Self-Medicate" and why this is Essential for every horse person, in any discipline. Attend this session for a free 'step-by-step' tip sheet for reference when you get home.

Friday 16 November 4.00pm - 4.45pm Barastoc Arena, Epsom Pavilion