Georgia Bruce

Georgia Bruce

Georgia Bruce has represented Australia on 12 occasions including 2 World Para dressage championships, (Belgium 2003, UK 2007) and 2 Paralympic Games Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. Georgia won two bronze medals in Beijing riding Victory Salute. Georgia has worked for and trained with many high level dressage trainers including Hubertus Schmidt, Kim Weston, Christine Doan and Stephan Keisewetter.

Georgia has also successfully competed in western events including reining, cutting, western pleasure and trail. Georgia is also an expert in the positive reinforcement based training method known as clicker training. She worked as the senior animal trainer at the Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve for several years and has also worked at the Canberra National Zoo and Aquarium where she taught animal training to Keepers and Staff as well as creating training plans and enrichment programs for a variety of species.

Georgia has a unique approach to dressage training that combines classical dressage with the positive reinforcement based method known as clicker training. Georgia teaches people from beginners with their first pony through to Grand Prix riders in both Australia and New Zealand. Georgia also trains horses for liberty, tricks, young horse starting and retraining problem behaviours. Georgia and her horse Rumba the Wonder Horse have appeared at events around Australia including: Melbourne Cup 2008, Canberra EquineExpo 2009, Bendigo Equine Expo 2009, Beef Week 2009, International Society for Equitation Science Conference 2009, Opening Act Mareeba Rodeo 2011, Horse Home Show Caboolture Qld 2014. Agricultural Shows Rotary Field Days, Fates, Fairs, Schools and Charity Events. Several videos featuring Rumba have gone viral. With one particular video being viewed over 50 million times. Rumba has appeared in the News, TV, Magazines and Papers including: The Courier Mail, The Cairns Post, Thats Life magazine, Huffington Post, Daily Mail UK, The TODAY show, 7 news...

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Education Session

Clicker training for groundwork, liberty & tricks.

What clicker training is, how it works and how to use positive reinforcement to improve results in groundwork, liberty and tricks. How to use clicker training for solving behaviour problems on the ground e.g biting, kicking etc. How clicker training can be used for husbandry behaviours e.g handling, rugging, washing, injections, treating wounds, handling feet etc. How clicker training fits in with other training methods. How to use clicker training to teach a horse liberty and tricks. Demonstration with young horse "Angel" and with "Rumba the Wonder Horse".

Thursday 15 November 3.00pm - 3.45pm StableComfort Arena, John Deere Pavilion

Clicker Training the Performance Horse Under Saddle

How to incorporate clicker training and positive reinforcement under saddle to improve performance, willingness and motivation for training a young horse under saddle, right through to advanced performance in dressage and western. How to use clicker training and positive reinforcement to solve behaviour problems under saddle. Demonstration with young horse "Angel", Grand prix dressage and western horse Rumba the Wonder Horse and young dressage warmblood "Red Phoenix". (There is so much information that can be covered in these sessions that it would be better if possible to do a demonstration every day rather than just 2 days. Clicker training has really become popular now!)

Saturday 17 November 3.00pm - 3.45pm StableComfort Arena, John Deere Pavilion