Yvette Frahn

Yvette Frahn

"It is my vision to create very personal and emotive equine works of art. To capture the SPIRIT of my subjects"

Yvette is a regional artist based at Bugle Hut in the Northern Mallee of South Australia. Yvette is a graduate of Ballarat University where she studied Visial Art and then education and later completed a business degree. She competed in showjumping before before settling down to University, followed by farming and parenting, returning to art production after 10 yr hiatus.

She is passionate about her art, building an international career and is equally passionate as a teacher of equine art. Yvette produces her art from her TractorShed Studio on the family farm and sells her unique equine art to the world. In her pursuit of excellence a creative art program has evolved and is now Australia wide and ready to take internationally.

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Education Session

Drawing horses to capture real form and movement

with class participation create a lifesize tonal drawing of a horse in charcoal demonstrating and teaching class skills of seeing and handling of media. We will also cover basics of composition in relation to the negative space as it becomes a landscape or architecture.

Thursday 15 November 2.15pm - 3.30pm Classroom, Royal Block

The future of Equine art in australia - big opportunities

Why being an equine artist is so great! What to consider when building a carreer as an equine artist The current state of equine art in this country and how it compares to the US. description of the gallery systems in both countries and opportunities in australia to do things a little differently. How to network your art so people follow your carreer. Future equine art opportunities in australia which are developing and how to become involved.

Sunday 18 November 10.00am - 10.45am Classroom, Royal Block