Stephen Halfpenny

Stephen Halfpenny

Steve Halfpenny is the founder of Light Hands Equitation, the principal trainer for horses that come to the Silversand Centre to be started or for re-training and also delivers the Light Hands Equitation Program. He travels extensively delivering clinics in Australia, NZ, UK and Germany.

After moving from the UK to Australia in the early 1980’s, Steve’s passion for riding grew into a thirst for knowledge and he dedicated himself to learning all he could about training and riding, attending clinics, judging seminars and competing successfully in equine competition. His specialist style of training is not discipline specific and can easily be applied to any form of riding. As one of Equitana Australia’s successful trainers in the “Way of the Horse, Australian Horsemanship Challenge 2010” Steve has proven that with the right training, any horse can be a relaxed and willing riding partner.

In recent years, Steve has identified that his training methods are extremely successful in helping dressage and competition riders achieve their goals. Steve is very approachable and happy to help students with their horsemanship though the Light Hands Equitation Academy online education system or at one of our courses.

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Education Session

Vaquero Horsemanship

I would like to conduct a demonstration on the traditional training of the Californian Bridle horse.

Sunday 18 November 10.45am - 11.30am Barastoc Arena, Epsom Pavilion

Garrocha riding

How to prepare your horse for riding with a garrocha and then progress to riding with a garrocha.

Saturday 17 November 2.00pm - 2.45pm Barastoc Arena, Epsom Pavilion