Mark Langley

Mark Langley

After a childhood spent on the back of horses, & working in Scotland & America, Mark began starting horses in a small country town in NSW. As his reputation grew, he was sent many Brumbies from all parts of Australia; he took on all horses, including many un-handled horses, and Arabs. Working with these sensitive, hotter bred horses, taught him very quickly what methods were and were not working.

He wanted to be more accurate in his application; some things just didn't make the horses feel good and other things clearly did. Drawing on his unique knowledge gained from his professional years filled with training, re-educating and helping troubled horses, he now teaches a general philosophy that constantly acknowledges how horses feel about us and what we are teaching; whilst using techniques which address anxiety, calm focus and confidence. Mark has helped many competitors, coaches, beginners, and riders who just want to develop a better connection with their horses.

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  • Training & Horsemanship

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Education Session

How to reduce anxiety in a horse

Through gaining and guiding calm focus, Mark will demonstrate with a horse how to reduce the cause of many common problems: anxiety and tension.

Thursday 15 November 3.15pm - 4.30pm Horserail Arena, Epsom Pavilion

A positive attitude in your horse

Helping your horse to have a positive attitude to education Working with a horse, Mark will explain how changing the way we operate around our horses has a direct effect on how horse's feel about us and our ideas. Techniques that offer clarity and confidence.

Friday 16 November 3.15pm - 4.00pm Horserail Arena, Epsom Pavilion