Claudia Macleay

Claudia Macleay

Claudia graduated from a bachelor of Equine Science at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga in 2015. During her time studying Claudia was awarded the 2015 Landmark Rural scholarship.

Previous to her studies at Charles Sturt University, Claudia was an Equestrian Australia level 1 coach, were she spent time coaching at Belisi Equine park in Wagga Wagga, and Moore Park Stables at the Centennial Parklands Equestrian centre in Sydney. After being accepted into a Bachelor of Science Honours degree at Charles Sturt University Claudia began work on the largest and most detailed study ever undertaken in Australia on the feeding and management practices of horses. The study was presented as a poster and accompanying abstract at the 2017, 13th International Equitation Science conference, held in Wagga Wagga. Claudia was awarded best student poster and was awarded tickets to attending the 2018 International Equitation Science conference in Rome.

Claudia intends to continue research into the field of equine nutrition, with a particular interest in pasture and grazing management and its contribution to equine nutrition.

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  • Horse Health / Care

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Education Session

Feeding and Managing horses in Australia

As the primary author of Australia's largest and most in-depth study on the feeding and management practices of horses, I aim to share the findings and recommendation of the research. While feeding horses is often regarded as an art, the research has found many owners are feeding unnecessary rations to horses. Presentation 1 would cover three topics: How nutrition plays a critical role in equine health and welfare, focusing on how inappropriate nutrition and feed management. An overview of the study findings on feeding practices, pasture management and feed rations fed to Australian horses. An overview of the current scientific recommendations for feeding horses.

Thursday 15 November 11.00am - 11.45am Classroom, Royal Block

Formulating rations and pasture management for Australian horse owners

The from the study results the research suggests horse owners are overgrazing and mismanaging pastures, resulting in owners needing to feed a supplementary feed ration. Presentation 2 would cover three topics: The economics of feeding horses in Australia based on a ration analyse compared to the economics of growing pasture. An overview on how formulating a feed ration for any horse based on the current scientific recommendations and the horse's current body condition score. How to incorporate pasture into the ration and when a supplementary ration would be appropriate. Looking at assessing pasture biomass, pasture phases and digestibility and how to manage horses on small properties.

Friday 16 November 5.15pm - 6.00pm Classroom, Royal Block