Catherine McDowell

Catherine McDowell

I have been involved with the equine industry for over 35 years. Riding from a young age on my family sheep/ cattle farm. After graduating high school, I went to Hawkesbury Agricultural College to study Horse Management. Working as a vet nurse at a veterinary practice that was holistic ignited my interest in healing modalities for animals.

I have been relentless in exploring traditional therapies, holistic science and mind body connection ever since, working initially in human holistic medicine and counselling . It was not until I was introduced to herbs and their use in horse’s health in 1992 after working with Robert McDowell that my understanding of all these ideas started to connect well. I studied with Dorothy Hall (Founder of the Australian traditional Medicine Society- the grandmother of herbal medicine in Australia) and Robert McDowell. After achieving my Level 1 G NCAS Coaching accreditation developed Kellosheil Park. This equestrian facility was biodynamic, sustainable and focused on holistic and sustainable farming, training and management of horses.

During this time, I was also an assessor for Bert and Marion Hartog’s online coaching course. I have been running McDowells Herbal since 2005 after Robert McDowell had a serious accident and brain injury. As his then wife and business partner I was solely responsible for the development of the herbal business and equestrian facility. Over a 12-year period I trained my horses and coached classically using a more classical system and was instrumental in bringing Phillippe Karl to Australia in 2009 after visiting him in France in 2008. This event was hosted at Kellosheil Park in 2009 over 4 days and introduced the PK Legerete (school of lightness) to Australia. During this period, I also worked holistically with my own horses (breeding mares, young stock and performance horses) and client’s horses, treating with herbs and developing treatment programs which resolved health concerns effectively and safely.

I have been in fulltime practice since 2011 as demand for my services have expanded. I regularly provide health articles for several magazines including Holistic Horse Magazine -USA Baroque Horse - Dressage International, Equine News Australia , Quarter Horse Magazine and other periodicals , and provide question and answers to clients around the world each day on many complex equine and canine health concerns.

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Education Session

Natural Worming Protocols & GUT Health

The damage done to the gut and the metabolism and environment with the routine use of chemical wormers to try to maintain a zero-worm load leaves the animal and the environment less healthy in the long run than one with a healthy gut and a small natural worm load which also allows for a naturally balanced ecology in the GUT. Studies are now revealing the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiota - essential to the health of all organisms.

Friday 16 November 10.00am - 10.45am Classroom, Royal Block

The compromised Equine Metabolism - a new epidemic?

Over the last 10 years we have seen a rise in complex metabolic and endocrine health issues affecting horses just like we see in human health populations. Metabolilc syndrome, laminitis and complications involving the endocrine system like insulin resistance and Cushing's syndrome are more common place than ever before. In this session I explore possible reasons whey. Using case studies obtained from my own practice as well as recent research in environmental medicine and endocrine disorders conducted for human health. I will also provide detailed advice on how to go about safeguarding your horse from risk.

Sunday 18 November 12.00pm - 12.45pm Classroom, Royal Block