Dr Andrew McLean

Dr Andrew McLean

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Education Session

Recognising and resolving stress & conflict

In this lecture, Dr McLean provides an understanding of the modern scientific notion of conflict theory, and shows us how easy it is to get things wrong and how many problem behaviours arise from dysfunctions of the training of aids. Using Equitation Science as a preventative for stress and conflict, we can improve the horse's performance whilst protecting their welfare and promoting sustainability of horses in sport.

Friday 16 November 12.00pm - 12.45pm Classroom, Royal Block

Desensitisation methods for difficult to treat horses

In this demonstration, Dr Andrew McLean will show various methods to help resolve the many behavioural problems associated with the farrier and the vet. At some point in the life of horse ownership, we have to engage the services of a farrier or vet. As a profession, farriers and veterinarians are exposed to a great amount of risk due to horses resisting treatment. The chance of injury to your vet or farrier is incredibly high when treating difficult horses. Sedation or twitching is not always necessary! Andrew will demonstrate several easy-to-do methods to help your horse stand immobile and accept treatment from the vet and farrier.

Saturday 17 November 3.15pm - 4.00pm Horserail Arena, Epsom Pavilion