Jodie Newall

Jodie Newall

Jodie is a current Grand Prix dressage rider and past Australian Young Rider representative. As a solicitor, she practices predominately in commercial law and litigation.

Jodie brings a unique and invaluable insight to her equine law matters given her experience in the industry as a horse purchaser, trainer, seller and instructor. She is passionate about raising awareness within the equestrian community of the legal rights and obligations that stakeholders face, often unknowingly. Jodie currently has equine matters in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA.

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Education Session

Buying and Selling Horses and the Australian Consumer Law

Buying and selling horses - there are horror stories and there are heart-warming tales of resulting friendships that last a life time. As a horse owner Jodie has experienced both. As a lawyer, she has witnessed how the ramifications of the former, can impact the purchaser, the seller and most importantly, the horse at the centre of the dispute. Too many people involved in the horse sale transaction are not aware of their legal rights and obligations - what is: -Misleading and deceptive conduct? -Fitness for purpose and the consumer guarantees? -Breach of contract? Find out about best practices for sellers, best practices for buyers and how the litigation process works if things go wrong

Thursday 15 November 5.15pm - 6.00pm Classroom, Royal Block

Employment in the racing and equine industries

A large component of the horse industry relies on young staff who as working pupils get minimal sleep, minimal pay and are invariably fuelled by a lot of passion and a healthy dose of ignorance. As an employee, what are the minimum conditions you must be offered? As an employer, how should you be classifying your employees and what should you consider when structuring your workforce? a. Minimum and award wages " Horse and Greyhound Training Award 2010 b. Minimum and maximum hours and overtime c. Implications of casual/part-time/full-time employment ie notice/loading/paid leave etc d. Individual flexibility agreements e. Cash in hand/goods in kind arrangements f. WHS

Friday 16 November 3.15pm - 4.00pm Classroom, Royal Block