Aaron Scobie

Aaron Scobie

Aaron grew up in New Zealand and was introduced to horses through friends who used them on farm to work cattle. It wasn't long before Aaron became involved in the quarter horse industry and was showing as a youth in everything from english classes to reining and cowhorse.

In 1998 Aaron was selected for the AQHA-NZ Youth World Cup team to compete in Texas. This was followed by selection for the 2000 (Italy) and 2002 (Texas) World Cup Teams. During the 2002 Youth World Cup Aaron was invited to stay on working for trainers who specialised in trail, western riding, reining and reined cowhorse. This gave Aaron a strong appreciation and passion for a well-trained versatile horse, shaping his training philosophy. Aaron continued to train in both New Zealand and Australia with success in reining, cutting and reined cowhorse. In 2009 Aaron took a break from training and while still involved with horses, focused on other interests including gaining a Bachelor of Science and running ultramarathons.

A trip to America with his wife Kate led Aaron to reconsider his goals with horses, when they attended the 2014 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity. 'That first day, when we walked into the arena and took it all in, it just felt like coming home'. Their training facility is now based just of out Myrtleford in North East Victoria. Versatility has always appealed to Aaron and the increased popularity of ranch horse versatility and cowhorse events has been an exciting development. 'It takes a special horse to do all the events well, but done well it creates a special horse'.

Aaron believes in taking the time to establish the fundamentals to set a horse up for a long and sustainable career. And although success in the show pen is great, Aaron considers recognition amongst peers to be his biggest driver.'To be recognised as a horseman, someone who puts the horse first and does him justice, that's what's important'

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Ranch Horse Fundamentals

The versatile ranch horse stems from the working ranches in America and has become part of horsemanship learning for many over the years. The ideal ranch horse works with a natural headset, forward motion and is light to our cues. He walks, trots and lopes consistently, negotiates trail obstacles, manoeuvres like a reining horse and works a cow and a rope. Learn the fundamentals used to develop the ranch horse, one that is safe, enjoyable and able to be ridden anywhere; from trail riding to the show pen. See how these fundamentals can produce a horse able to show in the 7 different classes at dedicated ranch events, a truly versatile horse to ride and work with.

Thursday 15 November 5.15pm - 6.00pm Horserail Arena, Epsom Pavilion