David Simons

David Simons

From David’s lifelong involvement with horses he believes that a horse at any stage of its life and from any background can be trained in a non-threatening way, to promote calmness and responsiveness. Whether your interest is pleasure riding or high level performance in either the equestrian or reining/western disciplines, David’s training guarantees remarkable results. His passion for training the horse to perform with correct and fluid movement, whilst showing willingness, commitment and lightness within its connection, will allow you to achieve remarkable results – more than you probably believed possible! David’s core techniques create the building blocks for a connected and well balanced ride.

David’s personal competition interest is Reining, yet he is just as passionate about the horse performing to the best of its ability in any discipline. At their home in Drysdale in Victoria, David and Sandi have a private training facility where David not only trains his own horses for competition but horses of all ages, sizes and disciplines. And whether that is a weanling needing to be taught the basics on its journey to becoming a happy, calm and responsive horse, a youngster having its first experiences under saddle, or a high level performance horse in reining or dressage needing a some help to add to its performance all the horses will benefit and become ‘winners’ with David’s system.

For education on:

  • Training & Horsemanship

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Education Session

Reining manoeuvres, Spins, Roll Backs, Lead departures

Thursday 15 November 11.00am - 11.45am Horserail Arena, Epsom Pavilion

Reining manoeuvres, Lead changes, stops, circles

Friday 16 November 9.45am - 10.30am Barastoc Arena, Epsom Pavilion

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