Matt Rannstrom

Matt Rannstrom

Matt’s interest in horses began at an early age and he was an avid rider through his teenage years enjoying trail riding, local stock work and pony club events. His interest in One Day Eventing and Endurance riding led him to develop a keen interest in the biomechanics of corrective shoeing.

Over the years Matt worked with a number of renowned farriers, gaining experience in all aspects of the work. In 1985 he gained VRC accreditation and his excellent score resulted in the offer of a teaching position at Glenormiston College.

With distance being a problem on the teaching offer Matt developed an extensive book of diverse clients from dressage people to the western riders, specialising in hand made sliders for the Reining mob. For over 10 years he also shod the working Clydesdales on the Dalmore asparagus fields one of the last facets of farming that still used the working horse in production.

Over the years, a desire to be the best tradesman he could be, has lead Matt to refine his skills. Each horse is as important as the next, whether it is a $500 hack or a racehorse worth $500,000. To make a difference and assist the comfort and working life of his equine clients, remains the major goal of Matt the Farrier as he is known to hundreds of horse owners.

For education on:

  • Horse Health / Care

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Education Session

Dare to Flare

A discussion of what it means to build real strength in the horses' hoof. How to 'read' the shape of your horses' feet and some basic guidelines to assist horse owners.

Thursday 15 November 2.00pm - 2.45pm Grand Hall Arena

Founder/laminitis & other metabolic disorders

A discussion on how these problems affect the horses feet, an overview of the importance of diet/trace elements and their roles in the horses' metabolism. Providing clarity, and a simple guide to prevention and treatment of these problems.

Sunday 18 November 2.00pm - 2.45pm Grand Hall Arena