Adam Sutton

Adam Sutton

2010 TWOTH Winner, Adam Sutton is based in Cooranbong, NSW, where he grew up riding neatly with the local exemplary Pony Club once a fortnight and hooning around the Watagan Mountains like a mad thing the rest of the of the time. Later, Adam developed passion for rodeo and camp-drafting that took him all over Australia.

Adam went on to build a reputation as a skilled and respected rodeo competitor, colt starter, riding instructor and trick rider – culminating in a stint as a wrangler for the movie 'Ned Kelly', where he also helped the actors with horsemanship skills. Adam specialises in starting and re-training horses, especially sensitive characters with problematic behaviours. He regularly finds that horses have been confused by conflicting signals from their riders. Keeping things simple and taking the pressure off these horses helps enormously.

But Adam points out that this philosophy works just as well for all horses, not just those who have learned evasions and resistances. Adam is a great believer in minimising distress during training. He likes to dismount with a smile on his face and he aims to do so when the horse too is effectively smiling.

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