Dr John Walker

Dr John Walker

Dr. John Walker graduated from Uni of Qld in 1993 and spent two years in mixed practice where his career defining moment was saving a colony of wombats from coccidiosis.

He has been an 'equine only' vet for 23 years, the last 15 of which he had been based in Melbourne. Johnnie's particular areas of interest are lameness in thoroughbreds and performance horses. He is also an FEI veterinarian and officiated at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and many CCI, CSI and CDI competitions. He has worked with many excellent horse trainers including Gai Waerhouse, Lee Freedman, Peter Snowden and Tony McEvoy.

For education on:

  • Horse Health / Care

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Education Session

Stomach Ulcers - The guts of the matter

Dr Johnnie Walker will present on the cause and management of stomach ulcers. Which horses are at risk and why, diagnosis, medical and non-medical management and which treatments work and which ones don’t.

Thursday 15 November 12.15pm - 1.00pm Grand Hall Arena

Laminitis - The lastest

Which horses are at risk and why, clinical signs and why aggressive early intervention is paramount and managing chronic laminitis, and vet and farrier – make the most of both people. .

Saturday 17 November 5.00pm - 5.45pm Grand Hall Arena