Tui Teka

Tui Teka

Tui Teka won the EQUITANA Auckland 2017 inaugural TWOTH challenge. Tui grew up on the remote East Coast of New Zealand, where he rode to school on horseback and spent his weekends taming wild horses. Not much has changed for this very talented horseman, as he still spends his days working with horses - albeit some of the best bred in New Zealand. It's a passion that comes from deep within and is intrinsically in his make up.

The 24-year-old, who is currently based at New Zealand Performance Horses (NZPH) in Hawke’s Bay, started working with young horses at 13. “I wanted to make my dreams a reality,” he says. “Horses have always been a way of life for me.”

The horses he works with at NZPH are a far cry from those early days – they’re top showjumping stock from some of the world’s best lines. In the three years he has been there, he has broken in more than 100 horses. He has also worked at other studs and pre-race training stables.

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