Antoinette Foster

Antoinette Foster

Antoinette Foster is one of Australia's most highly qualified equine nutritional therapists, she is also a qualified medical herbalist and human nutritionist and author of the successful book 'Eat Like A Horse'. Antoinette has been a practitioner for over 29 years and has continued her training throughout this time.

She began work in 2010 with Dr Margie Smith, a molecular geneticist; some initial studies introduced the world of genetic science and the effect on gene expression from nutrition into the equine side of Antoinette's business. Genetic science has advanced substantially in the last 20 years and integrating the knowledge that Antoinette has into the management of horses is extremely exciting. Antoinette's interests in genetics lead her to a new professional diploma course in Nutritional Therapy and Genetics which she completed in December 2015. In 2018/19the long awaited short courses in equine nutrition will be released as Antoinette's company Hi Form Australia is now a registered service provider. These courses will provide horse owners with outstanding knowledge and can be studied Online a module at a time. These modules have been designed to make learning easy, simple and fun. Antoinette has always believed that every equine, just like every human are individuals and they should be treated in this way with profound respect for their health and well-being. Antoinette conducts several seminars and information nights throughout the year and her presentations are dynamic, enjoyable, and highly educational. Her aim is to provide horse owners, trainers and breeders with the tools to ensure that their horses achieve optimum health on a long-term basis.

Antoinette's company is also registered for Research and Development which is a huge part of the business, in 2018 will see several clinical veterinary trials begin headed up by Dr Katrina Couttie BVSc. These trials are the culmination of years of work and these studies will be published.

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Education Session

The Guts of the matter - Advancements in managing the Gut Microbiome

The equine digestive system can easily be impaired by many common management mistakes. In this educational and entertaining presentation, I look at what improves digestive health in horses, from correct dental maintenance, to what you feed your horses, how often and even at what height that feed is located from the ground. Given the prevalence of colic, ulcers and other digestive conditions in modern horses, the key to their overall health is often contained in their gut. I also discuss the impact an unhealthy Gut Microbiome can have on your horse and what steps you can take to bring the Microbiome back to a healthy status. A brand new dynamic presentation with up-to-the-minute science.

Saturday 5.15pm - 6.00pm Classroom Royal Block