Warren Backhouse

Warren Backhouse

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Reining and the balanced circle

Warren’s training program builds on basic skills. Each new step starts on the foundation of the one before with both horse and rider progressing calmly through each stage. Warren will cover circles and the basic drills needed to get a balanced circle, a correctly positioned horse and smooth lead departures. Lead changes can be a frustrating part of any program. Warren offers a clear explanation of the mechanics of lead changes and demonstrates a variety of exercises to help the rider on the way to smooth changes. Warren breaks the turn-around into simple steps, focusing on correct hoof placement and emphasising the importance of controlling the horse’s shoulders and front end. If time permits, Warren will explain the fundamentals of his stopping program, showing riders how to get their horse ready to perform a sliding stop.

Saturday 5.00pm - 5.45pm Stable Comfort Arena John Deere Pavilion