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Horse owners rejoice: Kubota has you covered

Kubota Australia’s current line-up has something for everyone in the equine world with a range of exciting products across the agriculture and lifestyle fields.


Kubota Product Manager for agriculture Mark Basile said the MX5200 utility tractor is designed to tackle almost any task and is the perfect all-rounder.“It’s highly responsive, providing smooth performance and increased control. Available in a 4WD hydrostatic transmission (HST) and 4WD gear models, the MX5200 boasts a powerful, quiet and clean running engine,” Mr Basile said.


“The MX5200 is ready for the tough jobs. Its flat deck floor and hanging pedals create a large and comfortable operator area


“Responsive power steering allows operators to perform tight turns, enabling the user to move around their property with ease,” Mr Basile said.


Combining superior productivity and control with enhanced operator comfort was a priority for Kubota when designing the MX5200. Hydraulic servo systems in the HST model increase pedal responsiveness, while the HST itself reduces shock, vibration, noise and operator fatigue.


“The MX5200 reduces hours of manual labour with the Kubota LA854 loader offering ample lifting height and capacity, making carrying hay bales and mucking out stables a breeze.”


“The three-point hitch operates seamlessly with the MX5200 range. Telescopic lower link ends and stabilisers allow easy attachment of a range of rear-mounted implements, such as a mulcher or slasher, to easily keep up maintenance of paddocks.” Mr Basile said.


Equine enthusiasts can select from a wide range of Kubota utility vehicles to suit any operation. Kubota RTVs are powered by reliable and high performing Kubota petrol and diesel engines. Available from 16 to 24.8 horsepower and six different ranges, Kubota RTV utility vehicles suit every operator’s need.


“The RTVs are perfect for zipping around the paddock. Being all-purpose and all-terrain, these features increase productivity. Together with expansive tray space, the RTVs can be loaded up with small square hay bales and anything else required to get the job done.”


“From ergonomic seating to allocating plenty of leg room, our range of RTVs are designed with operator comfort in mind. Safety and comfort underpins our commitment to investing in and developing the latest technologies,” Mr Basile said.


For more information, visit kubota.com.au to find your closest Kubota dealership.


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