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Horsemanship Day

Sunday 13th November

join warwick schiller, guy mclean and friends in a horsemanship masterclass like no other

day 4 is HORSEMANSHIP day at Equitana!


The final day of EQUITANA Melbourne 2022 will be one you don’t want to miss, it’s a day filled with all things western and natural horsemanship.  From the Horsemanship Masterclass, to the Reining Masters where Australia’s best are on show to the TWOTH finale which has shown year after year to be a crowd favourite.   

the Horsemanship masterclass is only accessible with a day or super ticket

Meet our Horsemanship Star Presenter


Australian-born Warwick Schiller has become a worldwide favourite when it comes to horse education. With a background in the high-performance equestrian sport of Reining and competing at 2 World Equestrian Games, Warwick’s goal now is in educating horse owners of every discipline.

learn how to effectively communicate with your horse and create a deep authentic relationship between horse and human.

You can find Warwick at Sunday’s Ultimate Horsemanship Masterclass, an unmissable event.

sunday highlights include;


Thomas Arena Products Reining Masters Championships

this event is full of action and athleticism as trainers guide their horses through an exciting pattern of circles, spins and sliding stops, showcasing the seemingly effortless movements of the elite western trained horse to fabulous, foot stomping music!

the way of the horse

The unmissable final of TWOTH. An all-female battle, Steph Lancefield, Skye Liikanen and Hayley Hinton will put their methods to the test over four days, demonstrating their highly personal and specialised methods of connecting with an unbroken horse.

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