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Where Are They Now – Skye & Maya (Part 2)

Where Are They Now – Skye & Maya

PART 2: Life after EQUITANA MelbourneTraining, Challenges & Growth


Q: Being an untouched horse, how did Maya adapt to her new home? 

A: I had Maya trucked up in a loose box to QLD, one of my friends Cailin had bought Steph’s (another TWOTH competitors) mare, so they got to come up together. I kept her in a smaller yard for a couple of days and then moved her out to a paddock behind my house where I get to greet her every morning. She settled in very quickly.


Q: Since winning TWOTH, how has this influenced your life, both personally and professionally? 

A: Maya has been one of the best things that has come into my life. She is a horse that I can say is truly worth all my time and effort. She is my best friend who I absolutely love and adore. Winning this competition with her has given me self-confidence to believe in myself in my everyday work with horses.


Q: What opportunities arose for yourself (and Maya) after competing in TWOTH?

A: Maya and I have had amazing opportunities come to us. She is my main demonstration horse at my liberty clinics. We have also done demonstrations at local events here in South East QLD. She also has been a model for Gala Equine, Greg Grant Saddlery and Picture the Moment Equine.


Q: How has Maya progressed with her training? What have been your biggest challenges so far, and how are you overcoming these? 

A: I think the biggest challenge in the beginning was letting other people catch her, getting the farrier to do her feet etc. She would let me do it all but then had a stranger danger fear towards others in the start but now she will trot to anyone that comes into her paddock.


Q: What does your daily training schedule with Maya look like?

A: The very first thing I do is walk to the window every morning to check on my horses. We have the weirdest connection as she can be head down grazing a good 100m from the window and put her head up and turn to face me the second she feels my presence looking at her. As for training our schedule it is very casual, I have no huge expectations for her other than enjoying each other’s company.


Q: What have been the biggest areas for growth for yourself and Maya?

A: Maya has turned out to be a really fun liberty horse, her favourite maneuver is definitely the rear.


Q: How would you describe Maya’s personality?

A: She is so sassy!! She loves being a show off at my clinics, she thinks she knows it all. She loves her scratches and food that’s for sure.


Q: What is the funniest quirk you have learnt about Maya?

A: She sits like a dog to scratch her tail.


Q: Where do you think Maya’s main talent lies?

A: Liberty horse and she gets to express herself very well!


Q: Are there any specific lessons or insights you gained from the TWOTH competition that you continue to apply in your training methods today?

A: I would say to always stay calm and relaxed. Horses can read everything about you.


Do you engage in any specific mental or physical conditioning to ensure both you and Maya stayed in peak performance after the competition?

A: I wouldn’t say that we do anything special other than maintaining a good healthy diet.


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