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Performance Pony Challenge

The Performance Pony Challenge at EQUITANA is the final following a number of qualifying events held during the year.  Performance ponies must not exceed 149cm with shoes, or 148cm without shoes.  Performance ponies have grown in popularity and are now well represented in eventing.  At the 2024 Melbourne International 3 Day Event thirty ponies competed in dressage and jumping.


Competitors will perform a dressage test, and after a quick change of saddlery and the opportunity to do a couple of warm up jumps, will complete a round of jumping.  The scores from both the dressage test and jumping will be combined with the highest score determining the overall winner of the competition.



Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance Australasian Cup

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Barrel Racing

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Breed Led Competition

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CDI-W Dressage/Grand Prix & Freestyle

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Express Eventing

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Liberty Showcase

EQUITANA’s Liberty Showcase will feature trainers and their horses presenting a Liberty ‘freestyle’.  The competition highlights the connection between horse and trainer which is established over many hundreds of hours…



MiniTana, the crowd favourite is BACK in 2024! Once again watch these little horses and ponies prove they may be tiny in stature, but they are sure big in heart!…


NCCA Cowboy Challenge

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Ranch Horse

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Showjumping Program (Featuring Grand Prix)

The ever-popular Jumping program is featured once more at EQUITANA. Stay tuned for further details! Grand Prix Competitor Acceptance List 1.40m competitor acceptance list 1.30m Competitor Acceptance List


Side Saddle

While mostly seen as a “ladies” sport, both men and women have been riding astride and side saddle all throughout history. These days, the discipline of side saddle is mainly…


Sporting Horse Championships

Sporting Horses can be of any size and breed and are extremely fit, fast and agile while also having a strong mind that can concentrate under extreme pressure while racing….



The Way Of The Horse (TWOTH) was created in 2005 by EQUITANA Australia to demonstrate a kinder and more caring way to start a young horse and to showcase the…


VBA Australian Brumby Challenge

The Australian Brumby Challenge is a 150 day event, limited to 12 trainers who take their Brumby home to train for the 150 day period, sending in fortnightly updates which…

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