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The Double Dans claim a very special part in Australian hearts. They’re showmen, hugely talented horsemen and very funny to boot . . . and they’re no strangers to EQUITANA Melbourne.

It’s been a while between drinks but the beloved duo are back! It is the first time since pre-COVID they’ve performed together, so it is fitting it is at EQUITANA.

The horsemanship star presenters live life apart these days – Dan Steers in Tamworth and Dan James in Lexington, Kentucky. But this is a partnership that spans years and the men are about as excited as a kid at Christmas to be back performing together.

Dan James grew up in Queensland and from an early age showed a natural affinity with animals and particularly horses. Over the years he has competed across the disciplines, from dressage to showjumping, eventing to cutting, reining and more.

He’s an international world champion colt starter, a multi freestyle reining champ, a Mustang Makeover finalist and winner of the Way of the Horse at EQUITANA Asia Pacific, twice crowned the quarter horse congress freestyle reining champ and more.

Unsurprisingly, his talents have also seen him work on TV, film and photography projects.

Dan Steers story is not dissimilar albeit he wasn’t introduced to horses until his early teens. He quickly honed his skills and before long was winning senior cutting events. He too sought out the best in the business to become the best in the business.

Dan and Dan met at a campcraft in Western Australia in 2006 but it wasn’t until a couple of years later they began performing as the Dan and Dan Show at the El Caballo Spanish Horse Centre.

In 2009 they began incorporating liberty training into their work after moving to New South Wales. Their goal was simple – to turn their love of horses, top training techniques and fascination with equine entertainment into an “international phenomenon”.

They haven’t disappointed and over the years have entranced thousands of people at more than 1000 live shows all over the globe, including at EQUITANA where they have performed both together and singly.

Dan Steers figures he’s performed at EQUITANA nine times since 2008. “I love that it takes so much preparation to get ready and then when we arrive it is non-stop the entire time, and once we leave, we are buzzing for days,” he says. “We leave with so much energy too, which is not normal when you consider how hard we work and how little we rest!”

EQUITANA is an event they both adore. “It’s just so great to catch up with clinicians and fans there,” says Dan James.

The fans are surely in for a treat. With so much knowledge between the two horsemen, it is going to be an information-stacked session filled with high points that will have the audience gasping.

There’ll be plenty to learn too, for all stages of equestrian. “It is frustrating when people try to get horses to see things from their perspective, and not seeing it from the animal’s perspective. It is a simple thing to step back and take a moment to consider that,” says Dan Steers.

One of his favourite sayings is that if you persist you will get there, but if you are consistent you will remain there. 

Both hope the re-start of the Double Dans Horsemanship Show at EQUITANA is the entrée for many more to come. “Pre-COVID we would still perform together regularly but post we haven’t been able to marry up our schedules. We hope we can get back to performing together again more regularly,” says Dan Steers. “When we started Double Dan Horsemanship, this is exactly what we dreamed about.”

Both men are very excited to be together once again, doing what they love before Australian crowds.


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