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TWOTH 2020 to Light up EQUITANA . . . Again

TWOTH is back again in 2020

The Way Of The Horse creator Sandi Simons is promising plenty from TWOTH in 2020.

“This is the big one,” she says. “This year we are presenting a state versus state TWOTH competition with hand-selected trainers from three states across Australia going head-to-head.”

It’s an event dear to her heart and one she says fascinates so many purely because of its unpredictability. “You never know what is going to happen,” she says. The four-day contest sees invited horse men and women take an unhandled horse from wild to willing, culminating in a display at the end where they are judged on what they have achieved. Handlers can spend just an hour a day with the youngsters.

TOWTH Competitor patting his horse

“TWOTH has remained informative and educational as well as organic,” says Sandi. “It can really expose great training as well as the best horse communication you are ever likely to see. The competition can change so quickly and allows us to witness the pure intelligence and willingness a horse has to offer.”

This year EQUITANA Melbourne will again be using Morgan horses. “The event has really changed since we started using the Morgan horse,” says Sandi. “They are intelligent and smart as well as calm and so trusting. This year will be another showcase that connection between horse and human and the bond that is formed over those days.”

 TWOTH was created in 2005 to show a kinder and more caring way to start a young horse while showcasing the impressive training skills of home-grown horse men and women. It is an electrifying contest that draws people in daily to watch the amazing progress made by each trainer.

TWOTH competitor with his brumby

Find our more about this years TWOTH competition here.


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